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Transcript: Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/13/2021 3:35 pm
Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard

Q: Were you able to go full today?

A: Yeah, I mean we had like a half practice. It was half walk thru, half full speed, but I was able to go for all of it.

Q: How are you feeling?

A: I feel great, I feel great. Ready to go.

Q: How close were you last week? Were you able to do a lot more?

A: Yeah. I felt good, but I think it was a little late in the week, and we decided to just sit it down for that last week. Back this week. Happy about that.

Q: How frustrating has it been having to miss these last couple of games?

A: Yeah, really frustrating. You get out to a pretty good start and just want to help the team get wins and then not to be a part of the win in New Orleans, it's one of the places I've never got to play. (I) really wanted to play there, and then Dallas is always a fun spot to play as well. It wasn't any fun missing those two and not being out there with the guys. But, back this week and hopefully we can get a W.

Q: What have you thought when (Wide Receiver) Kadarius (Toney) has played these last couple of weeks?

A: Great. He's electric with the ball. You get the ball in his hands and he's going to make something special happen. We've got to continue to do that, and everybody else has got to play their part.

Q: Have you ever seen a guy that moves the way that he does?

A: He's twitchy, man. I was calling him a jitter bug. It's hard because I remember whenever he caught the ball when I was in the game and I saw him make a couple miss, and I'm sitting there and I'm like, I need to be blocking somebody (laughs). He's fun to watch, man.

Q: Obviously during Browns practice, you threw a punch and (Head Coach) Joe (Judge) was like, 'Hey man what if you did this and the guy had his helmet on. You could have broken your hand.' What was your message to Kadarius as he let his emotions get to him?

A: He's young, man. Stuff like that, emotions running high on the field, things like that can tend to happen, but you've got to kind of take a deep breath in those situations and think about the team and what could have happened.

Q: Whenever I see you in drills, you always wait and let someone go ahead of you if it means you can time yourself up with (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones). Whether or not he's out there this Sunday, how comfortable are you with (Quarterback) Mike (Glennon) if you have to play with him and how much are you expecting Daniel to be back?

A: Yeah, I mean he's got to listen to the trainers. I haven't really heard much on that whole situation, but it's going to be next guy up mentality. Mike will come in and do his thing if he has to. Just spend this week getting comfortable with him, and we threw a little bit in the offseason. You put the ball somewhere and catch it, then that's all we need to do.

Q: This is something that you went through about two years ago. Do you have any advice for Daniel on dealing with this?

A: Just listen to the trainers. They'll get him right and everything that they have put in place is to get you back on the field as fast as possible. That's what he needs to do.

Q: What is your message to the guys in terms of clawing back from this 1-4 start?

A: You've just got to keep your head forward and keep pushing. We've got things that we have to correct and that's the bottom line. Just fix it quickly, and we have to do that. That's what this week was all about. Monday kind of making corrections and getting out here and going through it.

Q: (Rams Cornerback) Jalen Ramsey is a guy that likes to get under your skin on the field. Did you talk to Kadarius about this, because you know Jalen will look at last weeks film and he's the type of guy that likes to stir it up and talk stuff on the field. As being a leader on this team, do you have to talk to Toney about this and what to expect Sunday with Ramsey?

A: Yeah, I mean, he's probably got a target on him just because of what happened last week. He knows that and I mean everybody has talked to him. He'll be fine. Jalen likes to talk – everybody knows that around the league. We're not going to shy away from anything. We're going to play our game and we're going to do what we do, no matter who's out there. That's that.

Q: With the next man up mentality, it feels like every week someone is going down and somebody has to step up. If you guys have to keep doing this, how strong is that mentality or are you kind of sick of it now with the injuries?

A: Yeah, you want everybody on the field at the same time, but this is football. This is what happens, you have to make adjustments. That's the mentality that you have to have every season. You never know what's going to happen on Sundays, you never know what's going to happen throughout the week. The next guy has to be ready. You have to be taking those mental reps when you're watching somebody that's ahead of you. That's just the way this thing goes. I think everybody understands that and has that mentality.

Q: How hard is this to keep swimming upstream early in the season? You've had it all but one of your seasons. How do you deal with it and is there anything you can do to tell your teammates to help them through it?

A: Yeah, it's tough, but you have to keep plugging. Whatever we've done in the past to figure out kind of midway through the season, we have to hurry up and do it now. That starts on the practice field. That starts the way that we work throughout the week. I think it's been good, but it could obviously be better. That's what we're striving to do. We've got to fix the things that we're not doing well and that's the bottom line.

Q: Do you tend to try to not to look at the record and the standings and things or is that important to do that?

A: No, I don't pay attention to it. We've got to focus on the game that's coming up that week and whatever we have to do to get prepared for that. You stay looking at the record and stuff like that, none of that matters. It's about what we do on Sunday, so we need to pay attention to that and put forth all of our efforts towards that.

Q: How is (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) doing? What's your message to him when you have an injury on top of an injury on top of an injury, and the mental part of that?

A: Saquon knows how to handle that. Just listen to the trainers. That's what I always go back to and it's as simple as that. They're going to try and get you back on the field as fast possible, so whatever they say, do and follow that. Then when you leave the building, try to do a little bit extra to get you back. He understands that. He's a vet. He knows what he's doing, so that's that.
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