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Transcript: Quarterback Mike Glennon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/13/2021 3:35 pm
Quarterback Mike Glennon

Q: Was it good to see (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones) at least do some stuff out there today?

A: Yeah, I mean, I'll continue to prepare to get ready to play. You know, that's not up to me. All I can do is control what I can control, and that's to get ready to play.

Q: In your career, have you had a bunch of opportunities when the starter has gone down and you've prepared?

A: Not really. That's only the second time in my career that I've had to go in mid-game for an injury. All those times, you kind of prepare to get ready for it and really, it's rarely happened, particular for me. But I felt comfortable out there, I felt like I was prepared. So, it was good to see all the work I've put in throughout my career, throughout the duration of the week come to fruition.

Q: What about weeks like this where this could be one where you get a lot of reps with the ones and then maybe Daniel plays?

A: I have not. This would be the first time going through an experience like that, but it was great to get out there today just to take snaps from (Center) Billy (Price) and make the calls and do all that, versus kind of just standing in the background watching and getting mental reps. Doing the actual thing is obviously more beneficial.

Q: If you do get the start, how confident are you in yourself and in the group that's around you here?

A: I'm very confident in myself. I haven't started per se a ton of games in this league, but I've started enough, I started five games last year. Including as much as I played the other day, that's a good bit of games in the past year. I'm extremely confident in myself, confident in the guys around me. We threw the ball around well when we got out there, so I feel ready to go.

Q: It's been since 2017 that you last won a start. Obviously, you haven't started a lot of games since then and, obviously, you want to win no matter what, but how much is that on your mind that you'd like to kind of end that and get a win as a starter?

A: I wouldn't say I've put in any thought as far as going back to 2017. It's just about winning this week for our team. Not worried about the past, not worried about next week, just focusing on now. Obviously, any chance you get to play in the NFL you want to win. It wouldn't be about anything in the past, it would be about what we can do this week for the Giants.

Q: How involved has Daniel been in the meetings?

A: He's just doing what he has to do. I'm not going to get into the medical side of that, but he's been good.

Q: When you went back and looked at what you did, what did you do well and what did you not do well?

A: I think I ran the offense efficiently; I think getting the ball out on time, (getting) the ball to the right spot. Obviously, the two interceptions you'd like to have back – probably a little better ball placement. But all in all, I felt like we moved the ball well as an offense. I don't know if we even punted at all when I was in there, so we were moving it. Just have to find a way to finish drives.

Q: You've played in so many systems throughout your career. What's your comfort level with this one?

A: I feel good. I've been in so many systems that there's so much overlap. Everyone runs different things and features different plays, but the systems are all relatively similar. Just getting to know the plays that (Offensive Coordinator) JG (Jason Garrett) likes to feature, I feel very comfortable with.

Q: After going through this week, do you think you'll be disappointed if you don't play?

A: I'm here to do the best in any role that I can. Whether that's to support Daniel, go out and play, whatever it is I'm going to do to the best of my ability.

Q: When you're out there and you know the starter is out or if it happens this weekend, is there anything going through your head like, 'Don't get hurt'?

A: No. Obviously, you don't want to see two people going down, but that's not something I'm thinking about. I guess if I was feeling a little not well, I would know I'd have to suck it up and go out there and play.

Q: But you're not going to go take off on a 20-yard run and put your head down?

A: I don't know if you've ever seen me play, but that's not really part of my skill set.

Q: What do you think about (Wide Receiver) Kadarius (Toney) when he lines up at quarterback?

A: He can do it all. I think he was like All-State as a quarterback in high school. I saw him in warm-ups in the preseason throwing the ball like 70 yards. He can spin it. I think it's exciting to see him back there.

Q: You're a big, tall guy like Daniel, do you feel you can run a similar offense that he does? You're not the running threat that he is, but as far as just...

A: Yeah, I think we do have similar skill sets, outside of him obviously being a better athlete than me. The system that we run here with JG fits who I am, fits who he is, so I feel more than comfortable with the concepts in the passing game that we run.

Q: I know it's not the same exact thing, but this team went to Seattle last year as an 11-point underdog and beat the Seahawks with (former Giants Quarterback) Colt (McCoy). I'm sure you think – no offense to Colt – you probably think you're just as good as him, if not better. Does that give you confidence going into this week that you guys can take something patched together and win when people don't think you can win?

A: Yeah, it's the NFL. Any given Sunday – I mean, I don't know what the spread was when we played the Saints, but I'm sure not many people were picking us to beat the Saints. This is the NFL, so either side you're on, you've got to show up every week.
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