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NFT: It's only preseason, but - Mavs more than double up Hornets

GeofromNJ : 10/13/2021 9:04 pm
Mavs 129, Hornets 59. Can't recall the last time one NBA team scored twice as many as their opponent - preseason or regular season.
Mavericks shut down Hornets in preseason blowout - ( New Window )
I did better than that in Nintendo double dribble  
djm : 10/13/2021 9:15 pm : link
How does a professional team shoot  
larryflower37 : 10/13/2021 9:29 pm : link
27% from the field and 47% from the free throw line.
Pre-season or not you can't only score 59 points especially against a poor defensive team
I saw that  
BigBlueNH : 10/13/2021 9:48 pm : link
and thought: that is one of the most amazing sports scores, at the professional level, that I have ever seen. Glad others noticed.
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