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Zach Ertz Traded to Arizona...

EricJ : 10/15/2021 11:17 am
Cardinals are going for it  
shadow_spinner0 : 10/15/2021 11:18 am : link
The good teams always get better, not that this is 2017 Zach Ertz but it gives this offense another weapon and they are unfair.
It makes sense...  
EricJ : 10/15/2021 11:19 am : link
they lost their TE
Plus he was losing targets in Philadelphia  
EricJ : 10/15/2021 11:19 am : link
and they have another TE
did they not want engram?  
Platos : 10/15/2021 11:25 am : link
buncha pussies
Wonder if we dangled Engram  
FranknWeezer : 10/15/2021 11:25 am : link
Guess we'll never know.
Why trade for Engram  
David B. : 10/15/2021 5:59 pm : link
When you can get a guy like Ertz who actually catches the ball in key moments.
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