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Transcript: Head Coach Joe Judge

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/22/2021 5:27 pm
Head Coach Joe Judge

Q: (Tight End) Evan Engram showed up on the injury report yesterday.

A: He'll be out here practicing today. We've got to put every little thing on the injury report. A lot of things get thrown on there, but he'll be out there today.

Q: Is it maintenance for the injury that he had previously or is it new?

A: It's just a normal nick and bump coming off some games. I think it's a little aggravated in practice from the games. Yesterday was a day we had to limit him a little bit.

Q: How about (Wide Receiver) Sterling Shepard? He wasn't on the other day and then he was on yesterday as limited.

A: Yeah, so he'll be out here today. We'll kind of move him around and see where he's at today. Again, some things that kind of accumulated throughout the course of a season. We'll see where he's at going into the game.

Q: Did he have a setback or anything like that?

A: I'm not going into any specifics of it in terms of anything from anything previous. It is what it is right now.

Q: Do you expect (Wide Receiver) Darius (Slayton) back this week?

A: We'll see how he moves around today. He's made progress continuously. He was close last week. We've done some things with him in practice this week. He's made some progress. I think it's fair to say that based on how he comes out of practice today and maybe if there's a workout Sunday morning, we'll know then, but I'm optimistic about it.

Q: Fair to say that (Wide Receiver) Kenny (Golladay), (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) and (Wide Receiver) Kadarius (Toney) aren't going to make it this week?

A: They really haven't done much to this point. Again, we'll give them one more chance today to kind of move around and see if they can do anything and see if it's worth getting them on the field with the team or with the trainers right now. In terms of the official report and the rule outs and questionable and stuff, we'll do that later today. We'll kind of hold it until we go ahead and do the official report.

Q: You guys have a lot of stats from last year and how you guys didn't have a lot of soft tissue injuries. Do you have to look at anything or evaluate since there's an uptick this year?

A: Yeah, we're always looking at that continuously and seeing what we're doing. There's a number of things that factor into that. We're making sure that we account for everything that goes into it. There's been some injuries you just can't avoid and some other ones you've got to look internally at what you're doing in terms of players throughout the course of the season and how you've got to handle things differently.

Q: Do you think your players still enjoy playing in front of this home crowd? They've been kind of hostile to you guys. You have more wins on the road than you do at home.

A: Yeah, absolutely. The location has nothing to do with it. It's about how you go out there and you produce for 60 minutes and how you compete. In terms of playing at home, absolutely. It's our home stadium, it's our home crowd. You enjoy being there.

Q: Returning seems like a skill that should translate from college to the NFL pretty easily. (Wide Receiver) Dante Pettis was like an all-time college returner. Why has he not been in the NFL?

A: I can't speak on anything previously, but from his time here, he works with us at a returner, kickoff return and punt return. Obviously, he had a lot of accomplishments in college from his skillset and what he's able to do and produce out there. He's someone that I was very aware of coming out and his skillset and what he did production wise. He's a guy that we work with and he's included in the rotation as well. I couldn't say anything before he got here about where he is. Obviously, we've gone with some different guys who have been in that role for us and been very productive in terms of the punt returns. (Safety Jabrill Peppers) Pepp's been one of the most productive guys in the league. You can't control – punt returns are one of those things you can't control every opportunity. There's a lot of things that factor into it based on field position, what scheme you have called, the punt itself. There's a lot of things that can factor in and line up. To me, it's about when the opportunity comes your way of being productive. I'm very pleased with what Pepp has done with it, (Sterling Shepard) Shep's a guy that stays active with us, Toney, Pettis, a number of guys, Slayton stands back there catching punts routinely for us. Whoever we have to put back there, we have confidence in. Obviously, (Wide Receiver) C.J. Board was a key part for us when he was injured.

Q: How do you manage (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones) and trying to prevent him from trying to do too much? It seemed like on Sunday, he was pressing and trying to make more of a difference. You need him to make those big plays, but how do you coach that?

A: The message we give our players is the impact comes from when you just do your job. You make the routine plays, you do what you're supposed to do and those big things just happen. We talk to our players a lot about taking the profit. As a quarterback, you have to understand that there is a shot and there's a time in the game you've got to press something, but there's also a time you just have to go out and take the profit. We've talked about that a lot of times, it may be long yardage situations. If they drop back taking the sticks and they want to give the underneath throw, there's a time to take the underneath throw and let that guy do something with his legs as well. There's a time you're going to see opportunities in the game, whether it's off a play-action fake or a certain kind of coverage. You have something schemed up and lined up that you can get to and go ahead and take that shot down the field. That all falls within just doing your job within the plan and execute as a team. You've got to trust the other 10 on the field and you have to trust the other two phases on the team to do their jobs as well. We can't go out there and try to do somebody else's job. You can't go out there and try to win the game by yourself. It's the ultimate team sport. Everyone's relying on the man next to them to do everything to have success. Whether it's Daniel specifically, or any other player on our team, the message is always the same. Just do what you're responsible to do on that play with the right technique, the right effort and everything will happen positive.

Q: When you see a young guy like (Tackle) Matt Peart go through the competition in year two to win a spot in the starting lineup, the other guy wins that spot but is still competing for opportunities. How much do you watch how he's handling himself on and off the field in terms of waiting for that next chance? Some guys wait for their number to be called and need that tap on the shoulder.

A: I think Matt has done a great job. Matt had some setbacks health-wise early in camp, but I think (Tackle) Nate (Solder) did a great job in camp in terms of how he competed and how he played. Both guys had some health issues throughout the duration of that. We intend on playing all of our guys and here it is that Matt's playing now and he's doing a good job for us. We challenge our players all the time to be prepared. That's something that's a theme for us that obviously you guys ask all the time about the injuries and how do we respond to that. The answer is we prepare all of our guys all the time. Everyone should be getting ready to play every game. I don't care if you're on practice squad, I don't care if you're coming off an injury, I don't care where you are in your career, everybody has to be ready to play every week. So, when your number does get called, you're prepared. In terms of the approach he takes, on and off the field specifically about Matt, he's done a great job. He's very intent in meetings, he's very good as far as communication and asking questions, making sure he's on the same page. He does a really good job whether he's in one-on-one drills, two-on-two drills, the offensive line, defensive line, working our schemes and our offense or if he has to go over and take reps as all of our players do with the scout team at times to go ahead and simulate the other team's reps. He takes every opportunity to go ahead and get better. He's made strides for us and I'm pleased with the way he's working, the way he's going to come out and compete on Sunday. I have a lot of confidence in him because I have seen him work this week. In terms of all of our players, I'm always evaluating how they do everything. We tell them from the very beginning, everything is evaluated, everything. How you are in the building, how you are with the training staff, how you are with the equipment guys, how you are with the ladies in the cafeteria. Everything's evaluated. How you sit in meetings, how you come out and prepare your body to go to practice, how you practice, how you produce in the games. Everything is evaluated, all the time. Every coach, every player, everything is evaluated.

Q: With your injuries to your skill position players, how big a priority is it for you to get more out of your tight ends in the passing game?

A: Well, they're already a key part of what we plan every week. They really are already. In terms of trying to get more out of someone because of somebody else, like I'll defer back right now to the skill players we're going to have available, I have a lot of confidence in, and they've got to step up and they have to make plays. In addition, our tight ends obviously have to step up as well, as do our running backs. I don't think you go into a game and say, 'OK, we don't have so and so available, now this position group has to carry the load.' That's not realistic because what happens is the opponent knows that as well. They may look at your injury report or kind of see your inactives on gameday and say, 'OK, they don't have A, B or C, we're going to focus on this group right here and really take them away.' Well, then the other groups have got to step up and make plays as well. Going back to what I said a second ago, you've got to go ahead and take the profit, keep moving the ball, be productive and be consistent within a game. You can't lean on any one player or any one position group. You've got to make sure everybody steps up and does their job.

Q: I'm thinking also you have the balance of you need some people to make plays, but at the same time, your offensive line is pretty beat up. You've been using your tight ends to a degree to help out in that regard as well. The balance there, how fine is that?

A: Well, there's always a balance to that. I know what you're referring to, a lot of times whether it's a run-action pass or the tight ends staying in a little bit more or maybe it's a third down where we chip and go ahead and get out. Those are all deigned by scheme and we have to understand that when someone's maybe immediately into a route, how it factors in. When someone may have to chip or be a late add into a route, the availability of what they're going to do and what that's going to be presented for the opportunity for us to get them the ball. If they take away everything deep, something's available underneath. If they're squeezing press at the line, something may be available down the field, so we've got to go ahead and just see what they're presenting to us and make sure we make the right decisions. But it's fair to ask, I understand what you're saying. It's fair to ask, 'OK, there's injuries on the team, who's got to step up and take that role?' To me, the message to the team every day is everyone's got to step up. Everyone's got to step up. When your number is called, you've got to make the play and there's not a player that's sits in that meeting room that's wasn't the best player on his high school team, the best player on his college team. You're in the National Football League for a reason. You're an accomplished athlete. You're a good player, so we expect everyone in there to give us production.

Q: You signed (Linebacker Benardrick) McKinney to the practice squad. What are you hoping he can give you?

A: Well, I thought it was an opportunity to just get a good player in here. Obviously, he's very accomplished in this league. His reputation in this league in terms of being just a straight dude, in terms of just being prepared, loving ball, good communicator, physical presence, good run-stopping linebacker. He's a guy that I've competed against as far as going against teams when he was down there in Houston. You obviously knew about him. I remember evaluating this guy coming out. He was one of the top guys coming out for us in certain positions. So, a lot of respect for him in the league and how he plays. Hopefully, he just adds to our ability to get more players on the field and we're giving him an opportunity through this week of learning the system a little bit. He's played in similar systems. I can't say it's the same, but there's carryover from Houston to his time in Miami to here in terms of the structure of the defense and a lot of the verbiage he'll hear. He's done a good job so far in a couple of days being on the field with us, good job in the meetings communicating. You can see it in his eyes, he's got a very good approach to the game in terms of how he comes to work and the meetings every day and what he does on the field. It's been encouraging having him out here. We'll see where he goes, but we're going to give him an opportunity to come out here and compete with us. And he went to Mississippi State, so he kind of gets the leg up on a lot of people that way, too (laughs).


Q: Has (Offensive Lineman) Isaiah Wilson been in the building at all this week?

A: He's back with us today. In fact, he's somewhere out there, so he'll be practicing out here today with us. Again, he had a stomach bug this week. When someone has that or something we think may be contagious, we just keep them away from the team. We don't want that stuff spreading through the building like wildfire. He was engaged with our guys, he met with some of the guys on Zoom, QCs and stuff, throughout the week staying on top of installs and materials and things of that nature, but he's back today. He'll work today. Saturday, tomorrow, those guys will all come in. The guys that aren't going to be active in the game or are on the practice squad will get an extra-long hard workout with (Director of Strength and Performance Craig) Fitz (Fitzgerald) to make sure they use that opportunity to go ahead and get better. He'll be part of that program tomorrow, as well. We call it our 'devo' program – developmental players – so he'll part of that as well tomorrow.

Q: Do you do that every Saturday?

A: We do it every Saturday, yes. There are some guys that may be kind of on that fringe line of are they going to play or are they not? Are they going to get elevated? Then we'll push back a little bit in terms of not frying out their legs or doing whatever Fitz is going to do with them and get them ready for the game. If we decide at some point that we're not going to elevate them or we know they're not going to be active, then we'll make sure they get that same workout with us whether it's later on Saturday or early Sunday.
The tipping point  
KeoweeFan : 10/22/2021 7:17 pm : link
Some times the "tipping point" refers to gaining a positive result.
I think JJ is doing all of the right things and will eventually be regarded as a top coach.

But it is hard to continue to ask the players to have faith that "coming to work every day" (over used phrase by JJ) and a learning and development philosophy will translate into wins if you only have one win this season. It is a real dilemma for a coach, especially one without a winning resume. (e.g. BB in Cleveland)

I'm referring to what I call the Bitey Rule (from a recent post of his). The difference between a team that thinks they will win and one that is fearful of losing yet again is huge. (Henry Ford - "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.")

As a fan for 65+ years I've experienced winning and losing decades. During the "winning decades" the teams had an attitude that sometimes rose even above talent level that allowed them to close out games in the 4th Q. (Frank Gifford: "We didn't lose the game, we just ran out of time." - attitude!) IMO it is not lack of talent that the current team has been unable to shut down other teams as the end of a half or end of a game.

All other things being equal, it is attitude that wins the close ones.

I have no idea how to get past that tipping point, but once "we" do I think "we" have the talent to compete (I didn't say SB) and bring the players and fans back.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 10/22/2021 7:19 pm : link
Q: Do you think your players still enjoy playing in front of this home crowd? They've been kind of hostile to you guys. You have more wins on the road than you do at home.

Gee, I wonder why the home fans have been, in the words of the reporter, hostile.
RE: ...  
Bobby Humphrey's Earpad : 10/22/2021 9:24 pm : link
In comment 15425303 SFGFNCGiantsFan said:
Q: Do you think your players still enjoy playing in front of this home crowd? They've been kind of hostile to you guys. You have more wins on the road than you do at home.

Gee, I wonder why the home fans have been, in the words of the reporter, hostile.

Papa and Banks talked about this in the Rams recap podcast. Seems that some of the beat guys are asking the question about the fans incessantly.
I'm wondering if they need to have more fun  
TheEvilLurker : 10/22/2021 10:23 pm : link
It seems like the game is a chore. I would like them to show some creativity, and let the players explore a little more.

It may be crazy, but I think experimenting may make it more fun for players, and it can lead to playing looser.
Lines of Scrimmage : 10/23/2021 9:02 am : link
To your point I do think a NFL HC gets a small window to get results. Year 2 is where you normally see a uptick and for a lot of reasons it has not happened. He certainly has a very big challenge moving forward. If you can get the team moving in a positive direction and a few more wins then maybe you have something. Thing are so much different at this level. You have to rely on the draft, FA and then you have the CAP so in addition to having the traits of a HC you need a lot of other things to go right.
Hounding the players to comment on the boos  
dancing blue bear : 10/23/2021 12:00 pm : link
In comment 15425449 Bobby Humphrey's Earpad said:
In comment 15425303 SFGFNCGiantsFan said:


Q: Do you think your players still enjoy playing in front of this home crowd? They've been kind of hostile to you guys. You have more wins on the road than you do at home.

Gee, I wonder why the home fans have been, in the words of the reporter, hostile.

Papa and Banks talked about this in the Rams recap podcast. Seems that some of the beat guys are asking the question about the fans incessantly.

And you know which shit stirring muck rakers are the ones asking. Hoe does it feel to get boo'd at home? WTF ?

The Leo thing was blown so far out of proportion. It seems no one actually listed to it, but still chose to comment on it. Said he didn't like getting boo'd (shocking) understands its the fans rights and the team has not been winning, but said he personally does not believe in putting people down, There was an unfortunate thing about a sales person

If you can find the audio of DJ geting asked how he feels getting bood its actually hilarious. he is incredulous and can barely hide his contempt. He def. does show his hand often, but it was so absurd a question we got an instinctual response
Toth029 : 10/23/2021 2:10 pm : link
Someone asked why Pettis hasn't been used as a return man. We'll see if he's used at it come Sunday.

I remember John Ross was slotted as the #1 KR job on the depth chart at one point. He's another one who was electrifying in college, but has not done the work in the pros.
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