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Post-Game Transcript: Wide Receiver Dante Pettis

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/24/2021 7:13 pm
Wide Receiver Dante Pettis

Q: How'd you feel like your throw was to (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones)?

A: I thought that was a dime if he would have kept running (laughs). He made a great catch, so I guess it worked out even better. Yeah, I thought it was a pretty good throw.

Q: What did you think when he got clobbered? Did you watch the play unfold?

A: I honestly didn't see the hit. As soon as I saw him pull it in, I turned around and fist pumped. I was celebrating already. I didn't even know he got hit like that honestly, so, sorry Daniel.

Q: Daniel said he was not really thrilled with the route that he ran. What did you think of the route that he ran?

A: I haven't seen it still, but I did think he slowed down a little bit and that's a no-no (laughs).

Q: How close was that play to being blown up at the exchange?

A: There was a guy right there. I don't know how close it was, but I did see the guy come off the edge and I was just hoping that he got rid of it before he made the tackle.

Q: Did you throw any passes in college?

A: I did.

Q: How many?

A: I don't know how many, but I had a couple touchdowns.

Q: A couple TD passes?

A: I think. I don't know how many I had. I might have had one or two. But yeah, I threw a couple passes for sure.

Q: They mentioned that you guys had been practicing that during the week, so what's going through your head when they actually call the play in the game?

A: Just get this ball to DJ. Don't do anything crazy. Don't mess up the throw. Just get it to him.

Q: Was there something you guys saw in their defense that made you think, 'hey, this is the week to bust this out'?

A: That's probably a question for (Offensive Coordinator) Coach (Jason) Garrett. I'm sure there was and that's why they called it.

Q: Was this the first time you've thrown in practice, this week? Or had you shown your arm some other time?

A: Not to the coaches. I don't even know if they really knew I could throw. I think they were just like, 'alright, let's try him out.' (laughs) I think some of the players knew I could throw.

Q: What was it like there for about two minutes waiting to see if you had a touchdown or not?

A: It was a little stressful because I had already celebrated and everything, and that's always a little embarrassing when you celebrate and then they call it back. You always think that you're in unless it's obvious. So the whole time I was just like, 'oh, I'm in, I'm in.'

Q: You're used to this though, right?

A: Yeah, it feels like every time I do something though, it's like, 'oh, let's review it.' I've got to make these a little more clear I guess.

Q: What was your mindset when you knew that (Wide Receiver) Sterling Shepard was inactive? How did that affect you?

A: I feel like I have the same mindset going into every game. You never know what can happen, it's football. The same thing as last week, the same thing as the week before. Even when I was on practice squad, you still go into the week thinking, 'this is the week that I'm going to play, I'm going to show up.' That's pretty much it.

Q: Who throws a better ball, you or (Wide Receiver) Kadarius (Toney)?

A: I mean, KT has a way better – he can throw the ball way further. I think I'm a little more accurate. My spiral might be a little better. KT can throw the ball like 80 yards just standing there. His arm is pretty crazy.

Q: You threw one pass in college, right?

A: I threw more than one.

Q: What's your background with quarterbacks? (Head Coach) Joe (Judge) mentioned something about baseball in your family? So, give us an idea about why you can throw the ball well?

A: I'm an athlete, I don't know (laughs).

Q: Did you play quarterback in high school?

A: No, I never played quarterback. My dad (Houston Astros Third Base Coach Gary Pettis) played baseball and coaches baseball now. Go 'Stros. Yeah, just growing up I could always throw pretty well. I guess it just carried over.
Great to see Pettis contribute  
DavidinBMNY : 10/25/2021 12:15 pm : link
He got an opportunity and he made plays. That is what the coaching staff expects and he delivered on expectations.

Well done.
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