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Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/27/2021 3:33 pm
Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: Who wins the majority of those accuracy contests with (Offensive Coordinator Jason) Garrett?

A: They're close. They're close. We go back and forth a good bit. But yeah, we compete.

Q: In the time that (Wide Receiver) Kenny (Golladay) has been out there, those five games – I guess four and change with the Dallas game – what sort of read have you gotten on what kind of difference maker he can be for this offense?

A: I think we've gotten a good read on it. I think he gives us, brings a lot to the game with his size, his ability to catch the ball, make tough, contested catches, be physical with defensive backs. I think you can see that all over the tape and you can see the respect defenses have for him. I know he's working hard to get healthy.

Q: How eager are you to get him back out there or soon back?

A: Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, for sure – all those guys. But we've had a lot of guys step up and play great for us. We'll keep working. I know he's working hard to get back.

Q: How optimistic are you that you can get at least some of them back this week?

A: I don't exactly know. That's kind of up to the trainers, up to coach, and we'll see how it goes. I know those guys are working hard to get back.

Q: Is it hard to have a game plan going into this game? Coach said it's sort of a little bit dependent on who's going to be available, right? Do you kind of have to have two lanes going and then you hope to get to one?

A: The good news is we have a lot of stuff for those guys if some of those guys can get back. Stuff we've done in the past, stuff we've repped, and just things that are a part of our offense. It's about moving guys around and putting guys in different positions based on who's available.

Q: Not long ago, to say that the Chiefs are a struggling team the Giants have to make sure not to overlook them, you would think you were drunk. When you look at them right now, what do you see? They're a team that's struggling, certainly defensively.

A: I don't know if I see it that way and I know the team doesn't. They're a good defense. They've been a good defense for the past however many years, the Chiefs have been a top team in the league. They've got really good players on defense, guys who can disrupt the game and who can make big time plays. I don't think there's anyone on our team or in this building who's going to overlook them.

Q: Can you take advantage of a team that's struggling though? You guys have been struggling and sometimes teams when you have been, teams try to take advantage of that. Can you try to take advantage of a team that is not playing great right now?

A: Well, you're always trying to take advantage of the defense, but like I said, I don't think – I don't see this defense that way. I think they're a good defense, but you're always trying to attack different parts of what a team does based on their scheme and what they're doing. So like any week, we'll prepare to do that.

Q: When (Chiefs Defensive Coordinator Steve) Spags (Spagnuolo) was here, pressure was a big part of his plan. Is that still the case in Kansas City?

A: Yeah – I think they're a pressure team, for sure. They do a lot of different things. I think it's one of the strengths of the defense is they show you a lot of different looks. So, it'll be important to see it pre-snap and post-snap, and then recognize pressure when it's coming. But that's certainly still a part of what they're doing.

Q: You obviously did a lot of it on Sunday, how comfortable are you throwing on the move now?

A: I'm certainly comfortable with it. I think it adds a dimension to our offense to be able to move the pocket a little bit and get guys on the perimeter. I'm certainly comfortable with it.

Q: How do you feel coming out of a game like that, a game where you're running the ball more, taking more hits?

A: I felt fine. Some general soreness that you're always going to have, but felt good.

Q: Do you know (Chiefs Quarterback Patrick) Mahomes at all?

A: I don't, no. I don't know him. Obviously, I've watched him a lot, I have a lot of respect and he's a fun guy to watch.

Q: Is there anything that you can take away from his game?

A: I think so. I think there are things that you can take from everyone. He makes so many big plays, extending plays, finding guys open down the field. A lot of the stuff he does is exciting and fun to watch.

Q: A lot of times when you see his highlights, he can be rolling and he may do something that most quarterbacks won't do, make a throw across his body or something like that. When you're moving the pocket like that, there are some limitations, right? You're seeing probably half the field at that point, so it's helping you relieve pressure, but it's also limiting some of the things that you can do. Isn't that true?

A: Yeah, I think any time you're rolling out that's part of what's going to happen naturally. I think when we're in those situations we understand what the defense is doing, and we like the matchup or the route combination versus what they're doing.

Q: How difficult is that? You've said he's a fun guy to watch. When you see him going this way and he throws the ball back that way…

A: It's impressive. He's an extremely talented guy, obviously. I think anyone watching him recognizes that and some of those throws are extremely impressive.

Q: What have you seen from (Tackle) Matt Peart these last couple of weeks? He's sort of your blindside protector now for the time being.

A: I think he's played great. He's stepped up and played at a really high level. He's a guy that's got all the tools, (he's) got all the physical tools. He's an extremely hard worker, is a smart player. The more and more reps he can get I think is huge. But he's played great for us.

Q: Is there something to feeling out your left tackle or is that something you get used to, the way a certain guy plays or the depth maybe that a guy kind of takes?

A: I don't think so. I think I'm going to try to be consistent with my depth in the pocket and my kind of spot, so he gets a feel for where I'm going to be, so I think that's a part of it. But like I said, he's played great and stepped up for us.

Q: At the start of practice, were you guys all Braves fans today or something?

A: (Laughs) That was the Chiefs, right?
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