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The Eagles are a Flower?

St. Jimmy : 10/27/2021 6:33 pm
Yes, according to Nick Sirianni.

Coach speak:

“I put a picture of a flower up, and it's coming through the ground and the roots are growing out and the roots are continuing to grow out, and everybody wants to see results. Shoot, nobody wants to see results more than us. We want to see results too, but it’s really important that the foundation is being built and that the roots are growing out, and the only way the roots grow out every single day and they grow stronger and they grow better is if we all water, we all fertilize, we all do our part, each individual coach, each individual player, each everybody in the building that we do our part to water to make sure that when it does pop out it really pops out it really pops out and it grows.

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Winter kills all flowers  
George from PA : 10/27/2021 6:39 pm : link
And winter is coming
Eagles are “Woke”! Huge change in image especially for fans who will  
plato : 10/27/2021 6:50 pm : link
be required to sing “Kumbayah” instead of “Kill Santa”! Will be a great TV show.
Imagine Joe Judge said this?  
Chris684 : 10/27/2021 6:53 pm : link
We all fertilize???  
River Mike : 10/27/2021 7:04 pm : link
Just what does the Eagles traing program consist of?
I thought they had  
Bill in UT : 10/27/2021 7:52 pm : link
traded for Ereck
RE: Imagine Joe Judge said this?  
St. Jimmy : 10/27/2021 8:14 pm : link
In comment 15431954 Chris684 said:
They have been killing him for the last few weeks in Philly. This was throwing napalm on the fire. I hope they don't fire him after this year.
yes flowers grow great in shit  
Paulie Walnuts : 10/27/2021 10:02 pm : link
the eagles are the devils team
RE: yes flowers grow great in shit  
eric2425ny : 10/27/2021 11:33 pm : link
In comment 15432116 Paulie Walnuts said:
the eagles are the devils team

Ha ha, agreed. Close second would be the Cowboys.
I bugged my Eagle fan brother about this...  
TheEvilLurker : 10/28/2021 12:14 am : link
And he said they are soft.

He stated this after I sent him a pic of a flower, lol.
Optimus-NY : 10/28/2021 1:52 am : link
There’s some serious fertilizer in this quote.  
Spider56 : 10/28/2021 7:59 am : link
Great title for a book... “A Tree Grows in Philadelphia”
Route 9 : 10/28/2021 9:12 am : link
Da bird which is da bald eagle
ghost718 : 10/28/2021 11:11 am : link
The most amazing thing to me  
Now Mike in MD : 10/28/2021 11:31 am : link
is why he would decide offensively to make Hurts the focal point and practically ignore Sanders. Sanders is probably their best offensive player and Hurts is questionable, at best, on many levels. Why not run the ball more? At a minimum, it takes some of the pressure off a young QB
Let's all hope they are poised to  
SomeFan : 10/28/2021 1:08 pm : link
wilt and not blossom
Go Terps : 10/28/2021 1:28 pm : link
I can't imagine that Ted Lasso shit actually works on professional athletes.

A few years back Chris Russo used to have John Madden on his Sirius show to pick games. I heard Russo once ask him if he was big into motivational speeches when he was coaching the Raiders. Madden said he tried it once and he was actually ashamed of how foolish he came off. He said he slammed his hand on a trash can and his watch fell off into the trash and he had to fish it out. He never did it again.

He said players respond to preparation and being confident that they and their teammates know what their jobs are and how to execute them.

Flower metaphors and rah rah bullshit probably disappear after Aaron Donald bull rushes you on the first play of the game. The flower doesn't mean shit after that, and you've still got another 70+ plays to go.
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