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Transcript: Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/30/2021 1:29 pm
Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Q: What were you guys doing out there running with the offense at the beginning of practice? Was that just a thing for fun?

A: Oh, yeah. Just a thing for fun. That came out of nowhere.

Q: You made a catch though.

A: A couple of catches actually, yeah.

Q: How does it feel out there running and catching passes?

A: I mean, I can catch. It was cool, working on my releases.

Q: We saw (Defensive Lineman) Danny Shelton made a pretty nice one hander. Did you know he could do that?

A: Yeah, a big athlete. Yeah, he does it all the time.

Q: All the time? He needs to be auditioning to play offense then.

A: (Laughs) Right.

Q: In your unit, how much can you take of what you guys did last week and bring it forward to this week? From a mentality standpoint, can you do that?

A: The mentality is always the same for us. To dominate, to pressure the quarterback, to stop the run, that's (an) every week type of thing for us. We just keep the same mentality and just try to execute what we have to execute.
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 10/30/2021 4:56 pm : link
He is basically not contributing on defesne, so if he can catch and at his size block, why not make him a tight end.
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