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Post-Game Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/2/2021 9:55 am
Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: On that first drive, what happened with that interception?

A: "Yeah, it was just a bad decision there. I should've kicked the ball out to swing there. It was just a bad decision."

Q: What happened at the end of the first half on that drive? Did you think you could throw a Hail Mary there?

A: "Yeah, we were trying to set that up. We've got to be better pre-snap communicating some of those things and making sure we're in a good situation, executing consistently. Yeah, I've got to do better there."

Q: Why do you think you guys lost tonight?

A: "I think it was the mistakes we made, decisions, the turnover was a big deal. I think third down execution and keeping drives going and just being more consistent with that execution. I think we did some good things here and there but ultimately, not enough and not consistent enough."

Q: Why do you think you guys weren't able to get anything going on that final drive?

A: "I think we've just got to keep the ball moving forward. I think the first play, we got something moving forward and got the ball out of bounds and we kind of stalled after that. We've got to get the ball out, get guys running and keep it moving."

Q: What was the swing of emotions there with the pass to Eli (Penny) and then the penalty?

A: "Tough deal there. I didn't really have a great view of it. I think Eli was celebrating and I don't think he meant that at someone in particular. We'll look at it. We've got to be smart."

Q: Does this loss feel like a missed opportunity?

A: "Yeah. I think we did a lot of good things and I thought we had an opportunity to win there at the end and we didn't finish. It certainly feels like a missed opportunity."

Q: Do you feel like you're in this spot a lot? Does it feel like a couple of missed plays here and there to where you're finishing one or two plays away a lot?

A: "Yeah, I think when you're in tight games and you don't win, it's going to come down to one or two plays. That's the way this league works, playing tight games and winning it comes down to one or two plays also. We've got to do that. We've got to execute at critical points in the game."

Q: You got Sterling (Shepard) back and then he was out. You got Kadarius (Toney) back and then he was out. Is this constant juggling of players starting to wear on you in the game?

A: "It's tough to see guys go down. I know how hard Shep (Sterling Shepard) worked to get back. It was tough to see him go down. We've had guys step up and we've got to keep doing that. We've got good guys who can adapt, play different spots, smart football players. We've got to keep doing that. It's part of this game, part of how we have to be going forward."

Q: How crazy is it that everybody keeps going down with injuries? It seems like a lot of these players have missed at least two or three games.

A: "Yeah, it's frustrating, but those guys don't want to miss time. They're working as hard as they possibly can to get back. We've got to trust it and stay at it. It's our job to prepare and prepare well to play with the guys who are up."
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dlauster : 11/2/2021 10:49 am : link
I know that the magnifying glass is always on him.

He's often slow on the throw, slow on the read, and is prone to some mind-baffling errors.

But sadly, Daniel Jones is like 20th on the list of problems for this team. Focusing too much on him right now ignores what needs fixing immediately.

We are in a triage situation.
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