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Transcript: Tight End Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/4/2021 5:38 pm
Tight End Evan Engram

Q: Tell us what it's like in the building today and at practice. It seems like a good amount of scare every time you get a test to see if you'll get a positive result.

A: Yeah, I mean, it's a little adjustment. Some things change, a little sudden change. Some unfortunate stuff that we're not really in control of. We just have to abide to the rules. Everybody is in here taking care of business, following the rules and we just got some good work in on the field. We just have to finish off the day.

Q: It seems like every time you play at home, the fans are restless. We know what happened with (Defensive Lineman) Leonard Williams and the fans a coupe of weeks ago. It seems like they are restless and if you get off to a bad start, they are ready to boo. Does this team still enjoy playing at home? Do you feel like you have a home field advantage?

A: Yeah, we enjoy playing at home. It's our home field and I think the fans were pretty electric last home game against Carolina. We got things going, defense played well, and we dug out a win. Yeah, we enjoy playing at home. We just got to be consistent with our play and giving them good product on the field. They'll be the good fans that they are.

Q: It seems with (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) out, (Running Back) Devontae (Booker) is starting to get his stride as the running back. How do you think he has played, and do you think this game means any more for him considering it is against the Raiders?

A: Yeah, I never really thought of that. I don't want to speak for anybody else, but I know (Devontae Booker) Book has been in here doing everything he is asked. He's doing it at a high level and he's definitely hit the ground running. Last week on Monday night, he made a number of big plays for us and got us down the field on a couple of drives. I think he's looking to continue that and build on that and try to do whatever he can to help us win.

Q: Were you surprised it took so long to get your first touchdown of the year?

A: No, I wasn't surprised or anything. Obviously, I'm looking to make plays and score every week. Just a matter of time, my number was called last Monday night and made a play. Don't really look at it that way, just ready when my number is called.

Q: Kyle Rudolph scored too. Is that a coincidence that both tight ends scored in the same game? Was it something you saw specific to Kansas City? DO you expect to be more involved in the red zone down the stretch? What do you make of both tight ends not scoring then scoring as we go forward?

A: I thought it was pretty cool. We actually had a goal of trying to get three touchdowns before the game. We were just kind of warming up, getting ready, talking about us all getting in the endzone. We missed out on (Tight End) Kaden (Smith), but we'll try to get him in there soon. It was cool, we've all been working hard doing everything we've been asked. For us to get in the endzone as me and (Kyle Rudolph) Rudy and as a position group, that felt good.

Q: You guys had (Cornerback James) Bradberry covering (Chiefs Tight End Travis) Kelce last week on defense. As a tight end, what are the challenges when they put a cornerback on you and a physical guy like James?

A: Yeah, the corners man, they see receivers. They see all the speed. They're out on the island and they've seen the hardest matchups. Obviously, Travis Kelce is no easy matchup. He's seen it all from all different types of receivers. For him to be as physical and as big as he is, that's exactly how he played the game. He was physical and stayed in front and I thought he did a hell of a job. He had a big task and did it really well. It presents a challenge going against a corner because they're the more experienced guys in coverage and especially in man coverage. I was glad he was on our team and he was playing out there and not guarding me.

Q: Because of that challenge are you surprised that that doesn't happen more often? The cornerback on the tight end.

A: Yeah, it depends on what kind of defense or what kind of coordinators that they're working with. Yeah, if you're trying to matchup with on of their best receivers or best threat, I think it's smart to do that. I think it was a smart move by our defense and our staff and James did a good job in the game.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 11/4/2021 6:49 pm : link
'Does this team still enjoy playing at home?'

It shouldn't, EE in particular.
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