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Post-Game Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/7/2021 6:56 pm
Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: Can you talk about that first touchdown to (Tight End) Evan (Engram)? What did you see on that play there?

A: Yeah, he did a great job of going up and making a play. Just tried to throw it up and give him a chance and he did the rest. Heck of a play by him right there.

Q: What does it mean to bring a win into the bye week?

A: Yeah, I think it's big for us to get this one. A complete team win and something we can build off of. Still a lot of things we've got to work on and work to improve that we'll look to do over this week. Feels good to get a win.

Q: Did you find that you needed to be patient in this game? You didn't throw an incompletion in the first half, but there wasn't a lot of good stuff. A lot of times you need to lean on the running game. There wasn't a lot of production when you threw offensively, was it a game you had to grind through and stay close?

A: Yeah, they're a good defense. Kind of their scheme and what they do lends itself to that and we knew it was going to be one of those games. I think the guys up front did an incredible job getting movement, opening up holes. (Running Back Devontae Booker) Book and (Fullback) Eli (Penny) did a great job hitting them, so a credit to them. They're a good defense.

Q: You had a lot of adversity as a team this week. What does it tell you about your group and that you're able to grind through that and respond the way you did today?

A: I think it's just a credit to the focus of the group and guys preparing despite being out of the building or whatever was going on. Just kind of staying focused on what we were doing and making sure we were ready to go. You're going to have stuff like that come up and it's about being able to deal with it and still get done what you need to get done throughout the week.

Q: What have you observed in practice of (Safety) Xavier McKinney's skillset?

A: I think he's a smart player. I think he understands what quarterbacks are doing. It was good reading eyes, good reading in his coverage and he makes a lot of plays back there. He's obviously got tremendous physical skills and he's a smart player. Played big time today, for sure.

Q: The wide receivers weren't especially involved. Is that something the Raiders took away? Was that part of the game plan? Why do you think that is?

A: I think it has a lot to do with how well we were running it and trusting that. I think when you're able to do that, when the offensive line is playing like that, then you lean on it. We have the versatility as a team to be able to play different ways. That was working, so we stuck with it. Those guys stepped up, they did make some big plays when we needed them. This team, our team, we can do a lot of different things and attack different ways. Got to keep working on it.

Q: The Raiders took the ball for the last series there. For an offensive payer like yourself, what is the stress level like when watching that and you have no control over it?

A: I think in those situations, you're always preparing both ends, if we get the stop, if we're in a four-minute situation and we're trying to bleed the clock or we're in two minute and we've got to go down and kick a field goal. You're kind of preparing for both those situations and staying focused on that. Defense stepped up and did an incredible job like they did all game. A ton of credit to them.

Q: I know you're prepping, but in that moment were you able to watch and realize what had happened? Or did you just hear the crowd and react off of that?

A: Yeah, I was able to see it. It's hard not to watch what's going on and watching them out there. Like I said, they stepped up, played huge and some really big plays down the stretch. A ton of credit to them.

Q: At that time of the game and the defense is out there, the crowd is rocking, this building hasn't been like that in a while. Do you take notice of that and how the energy level is pretty intense?

A: Yeah, I did. I think that was big for us. The crowd really got into it down the stretch there. We really appreciate that support and don't underestimate how they can impact the game. They did a great job, and we appreciate all the support.

Q: The way that Booker ran the ball and then he was out. Did you get a sense that Eli Penny is a guy that likes to get his touches and how did he step up?

A: Yeah, like I said, both those guys played really well for us. I think a lot of credit goes to the guys up front. I think they did a great job controlling the line of scrimmage, opening up some holes for those guys and they found them and played well for us all day. I think both those guys as well as the offensive line deserve a ton of credit.

Q: How exciting is the possibility of getting (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) and (Wide Receiver) Sterling (Shepard) back and get all of your playmakers after the bye? How much better can this offense be with everyone together?

A: Yeah, that's exciting and I know those guys are working hard to get back. We'll keep preparing and keep game planning based on who's available. I think guys who have stepped up in their places have done a really good job.
These questions suck  
N9NE11 : 11/7/2021 7:33 pm : link
Where are the real questions from the's like the questions were approved by the Giants
RE: These questions suck  
Poktown Pete : 11/7/2021 9:18 pm : link
In comment 15447631 N9NE11 said:
Where are the real questions from the's like the questions were approved by the Giants

Right! Like the press is afraid they'll be ex-communicated if they ask tougher questions.
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