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Post-Game Transcript: CB James Bradberry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/7/2021 6:59 pm
Cornerback James Bradberry

Q: On (Safety) Xavier's (McKinney) second interception, can you describe the coverage you guys were in there?

A: We were in a Cover Three, they ran a double move, I was beat on the double move and Zay saved my life, so shoutout to Zay.

Q: We've asked you guys a lot of questions this year about your defense not finishing games. What do you think you guys showed tonight finishing the game?

A: I think that it showed that we're capable of finishing games, we've got a strong defense and we're here to compete.

Q: (Head Coach) Joe (Judge) was saying that (Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator) Pat (Graham) was drawing a few plays in the dirt on the sidelines a little bit, particularly on that last series. Can you talk about that and were there any specific plays that made a difference on that last stand?

A: I wouldn't say that he was drawing plays up in the dirt, but we were going over some calls that we might have not had in the game plan to run this week (and) that we might've run in weeks from the past. We definitely knew the call, but it wasn't something we were prepared for. But he prepared us on the sideline and we went out there and executed.

Q: You had your taste of (Chiefs Tight End Travis) Kelce last week and now you've got your taste of (Raiders Tight End Darren) Waller. What did you think of the couple of plays you had down in the red zone against him? What was that like? I imagine you were pretty satisfied when the ball sailed over both of you guys.

A: For sure. I definitely realized that he was a big, strong, fast guy within those plays. He's an elite tight end, has speed, has size and he's strong, too. I was trying to quick jam him and stuff, but we were up there fighting. Sometimes he was getting the best of me. Like you said, I was trying to win as many battles as I could and fortunately we came out on top.

Q: How have you seen McKinney grow to this point in his career? Obviously, he had a career day today with the pick-six and the interception late, but how have you seen him grow since he got here?

A: I think he's just picking up the game of football at a high rate. When he first got here, of course we're all new, we're all rookies, you don't know what all the league is about. Coming in, he's learning a lot and he's executing when he gets out there. Like I said, he saved me today. He's being aggressive, making plays for us and I'm thankful to have him.

Q: This week with the testing and the false positives, what does it tell you about your group that you got through that?

A: I think it shows that we're resilient. We're able to adapt to any situation.

Q: You got off to a slow start last year defensively and kind of hit your stride. Does it feel similar right now?

A: I think it feels similar. I'm just glad we won before the bye week, get some momentum going into the bye week, get our bodies recovered and then hopefully we keep it going once we get back.

Q: What's the difference in this defense the past few weeks?

A: I think we're just making plays when it's time for us to make plays, you know? Zay had a pick-six and then he made a game-changing play at the end on a double move, so we're just making plays when the opportunity presents itself and we're coming down with the ball.

Q: (Cornerback) Adoree' (Jackson) had a chance at an interception. Just wondering what it's going to be like in the D-back room?

A: We were joking about that earlier. He was fixing to come down with that ball. We want him to come down with the ball, but I'm thankful he was there because he was supposed to be there. I'm just glad he was there because the post route was coming to me.
Q: What do you think about Carl Banks comment...  
BamaBlue : 11/7/2021 8:49 pm : link
during the 4th quarter, "Bradberry looks like he wants no part of tackling today"?
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