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Tailgate Talk- Tampa, Miami, LA

BigBlue in Keys : 11/13/2021 11:37 am
Looking forward to getting to see a bunch of the old crew and meet some new fans along the way. Who's coming out for these next few road games?

Tampa- Our normal group of over 100+ fans we've had at Tampa the last few games has greatly dwindled between the fact it's a Monday Night game and ticket prices being absurd. While we plan on going we don't have much of a plan. Anyone else going, what lot are you in? We'll have the grill, coolers, tent etc and looking to join our Blue brethren there. We usually go to the HCC lot, but haven't committed yet. Also Sunday afternoon we'd plan to go to the Suncoast Giants fan club bar to watch the Sunday games. I think that was 30th St Sports Bar?

Miami- Most of the BBI Florida gang will be back to together for this one. Thanks to Jim in South Florida for jumping on group tickets early. The famous Fred-in-Florida will be with us again as well. Again we'll have grills, coolers, tents etc. BYOB and if you can a dish or something for the grill. If you're traveling and can't bring anything I'm sure they'll be an extra burger. You can find us in Lot 22. You must reserve a free parking space in that lot in advance. Follow this link:

L.A. - Tailgate is set for the PINK lot. I believe that is the only lot set up for tailgating. I would recommend buying your parking pass ahead of time. We're flying out for that one so we won't be bringing the grills but our friends in the NYG Frontliners will be there with all the supplies. A great group of people we have been partying with on the road in lots of cities since 2015. Again BYOB and something for the grill if you're able. There are also plans in the works for meet ups Friday and Saturday nights and I'll pass on the info once it's been confirmed.

I think that's all the info I have for now hope to see you in the lot! Go Giants!
Any tickets available for Tampa?  
jc in c-ville : 11/13/2021 12:29 pm : link
On a whim, may drive over from Cocoa Beach .
I live in the area so will definitely be going to  
bLiTz 2k : 11/13/2021 12:50 pm : link
the Tampa game. Taking my wife to her first game, so should be fun.

Havent bought tickets yet, hoping I can get hooked up with some friends season tickets at face - but if not I'll buy the day of when they should drop. Right now prices are absurd for that game.

Parking at Rayjay is a bit of a mess IMO, as parking passes restrict you to certain lots, so id imagine its not the easiest thing to coordinate a decent tailgate...however if theres a BBI contingent we would totally be down to meet up.
As a Cuban, I might find myself at the Dolphin game  
George from PA : 11/13/2021 2:20 pm : link very show up to parking lot 22...please let me what I should look for.....

Will probably be with some Dolphin fans/ speak slowly.
i sold my tickets  
jvm52106 : 11/13/2021 2:24 pm : link
last week. Sucks but had no choice.
Ha, everyone I know is waiting for the last minute price drop.  
BigBlue in Keys : 11/13/2021 5:05 pm : link
Prices were down a little this week but we're still waiting too. Like I said usually we tailgate at the HCC lot and will plan to again unless we hear of people in other lots. I think lot's of fans know the Giants fans take over that lot.

George absolutely come by and bring the family. I find most intelligent Dolphins fans like the Giants, and the others come around once you remind them we stopped the Patriots undefeated season. Plus the fact we've kept the Patriots from 2 more Super Bowls and oh yeah that other one against the Bills. Usually once you do that they're buying you shots :)

I'm thinking we are going to meet at the Walmart parking lot (right next to Lot 22) about 830 so a bunch of us can caravan into the lot and park together. We'll make a tailgate post a few days before the game and will update it once we park. Make sure to reserve your free spot, see you there!
I am going to be there with a Group of 13  
gmenrule-va : 11/13/2021 8:00 pm : link
Happy to bring food and our BYOB. I have two parking passes for Lot 22. Is this too large or a group to join you ?
BigBlue in Keys : 11/13/2021 9:20 pm : link
The fellowship of the parking lot is what it's all about. I'm thinking Miami is going to be Met Life South this year and not Tampa.
RE: Bring'em!  
gmenrule-va : 11/13/2021 9:25 pm : link
In comment 15453501 BigBlue in Keys said:
The fellowship of the parking lot is what it's all about. I'm thinking Miami is going to be Met Life South this year and not Tampa.

GREAT!! I have tables, chairs and a tent I can bring as well. Email me at and we can discuss what food we can bring.
Good to talk to you GmenVA.  
BigBlue in Keys : 11/18/2021 12:44 pm : link
Looks like prices are slowly coming down for the Buccaneers game. The local Giants fan club is based out of the North 30th Sports Pub, we plan on watching the 4pm games there this Sunday if anyone else wants to join.
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