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Article on Keion Crossen

Modzelewski : 11/14/2021 6:27 pm
And his speed in the Post—
NY Post: Keion Crossen believes he’s the NFL’s fastest player - ( New Window )
Rewatching that sack  
Bergen346 : 11/14/2021 7:34 pm : link
He really does close ground quickly. He is FAST
Modzelewski : 11/14/2021 7:59 pm : link
When he closes in on Mahomes.
too bad that speed isn't showing real value on the field  
islander1 : 11/15/2021 11:41 am : link
with any consistency.
I love this guy  
Batenhorst7 : 11/19/2021 9:05 am : link
He closed on Mahomes like Banshee, a guided missile, a blur

Mahomes looked shocked and had no possibility of escape

Gotta find someway to get Crossen on the field especially on long passing 3rd downs
He was being used as a spy so Mahomes couldn’t run  
cjac : 11/19/2021 11:49 am : link
Was a good strategy but I doubt we see him on D this week.
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