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Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/15/2021 7:29 pm
TE Evan Engram

Q: What do you remember two years ago about (Quarterback) Daniel's (Jones) first start against the Bucs? You had a touchdown in that game. Was there a feeling of newness and excitement about that game?

A: That was a fun game, really fun game. I remember just going into halftime down – I think it was like 17-3, 21-3, something like that – and I remember just the energy on our offensive side of the locker room was still up. (We) Had a big play right out of the half and then it was just a big rally. Had some turnovers in that second half. It was just a crazy game and DJ running it in at the end, it was an awesome game.

Q: And what do you remember about last year's game? You played every game last year, so you must have played the Bucs game last year. He had two turnovers in the fourth quarter, you lost by two points to the team that went on to win the Super Bowl, kind of the total opposite end of the spectrum. What do you remember from that?

A: That was a tough loss, a really tough loss. It came down to that crazy two-point play at the end – a little controversy there, but it was just a crazy game. I think that was a Monday Nighter too, so going to run it back again. It's going to be good.

Q: How hungry were you guys last year? Had you made the playoffs on that last day you would've hosted the Bucs. How hungry were you to get another shot at them after losing that game?

A: You're talking about just the possibility of playing them in the Wild Card? Everybody was watching the Eagles-Washington game, so obviously everybody was glued to the TV for that one to see if we would get a chance. Obviously, it didn't happen, but yeah, we were ready for another go.

Q: How much do you guys as playmakers talk about actually playing together, like, 'Hey, it would be nice to actually get everyone on the field together' and envision what that might look like?

A: I know we don't really look at it that way. We just want the best for each other, and we want everybody to be healthy. We know the work we put in and what we can be capable of, so there's really not much to say. It's just hoping the guys stay healthy, get healthy and just get them back on the field and get back out there together.

Q: With that being said, what was it like seeing (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) back out there? I know that was the first time he's really practiced since he got injured.

A: Yeah, it's awesome. Just to have his presence – even in the huddle – it's awesome. He's probably our biggest leader, our biggest captain. It's just good to have him back. I know he's been itching to get back, so he's going to stay the course and keep working and keep doing what he can to be ready.

Q: How important is the Bye Week time to just relax? Did you relax?

A: It was nice. It was nice to get away. Definitely, my favorite part about it was going into it with a W. That was big just for our morale and our mindset as a team. It was definitely good to get away and take some time off. I'm pretty sure everybody here still had a little bit of their mind and thoughts on the rest of the season, so it's good to be back to that.

Q: You got to see them get that Ole Miss win, huh?

A: Oh, yeah. That's a big win. I got down—

Q: Pretty fun game?

A: You're talking about this past weekend?

Q: Weren't you there?

A: Yeah, I was down there. It was awesome. Got to the Grove, was on the Square, was on the field. We had a big win, too. It was a big game. Game day, I was there. It was awesome to get back. I hadn't been back in a couple of years, so they showed me some love down there. It was a fun weekend.

Q: You guys seem pretty loose. Do you think that's a fair way to describe your team right now? In a good way.

A: I wouldn't put any label on it. I think we just know what we're capable of and we know there are things that we can still be better at. I think we're excited about it and we're excited about this opportunity we have in the second half of the season.

Q: As a player, I think this is the third year in a row that you're playing (Buccaneers Quarterback) Tom Brady. Does it mean anything to you guys to get a chance to go up against him? I know you're on the other side of the ball.

A: That's probably a better question for guys on defense. Obviously, he's one of the greatest to ever do it, never want to take away from that, but it's just another opportunity for us.
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