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Transcript: Cornerback James Bradberry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/17/2021 3:02 pm
Cornerback James Bradberry

Q: Can you talk about the challenge of (Buccaneers Quarterback Tom) Brady? What makes him so good?

A: I think he's a very, very smart quarterback. He has an elite brain, and obviously he uses it well playing against defenses. That's why he's been able to play so long, so I think that's the main thing.

Q: What do you guys need to do this week to be competitive, to make this a game, and to win this game?

A: I think for defense-wise, you got to kind of disguise certain things, so that he doesn't pick out what you're actually in. Also, you got to do your job. You've got to execute and make sure you take away their explosive plays.

Q: Do you disguise them, or is that kind of more of a safety thing?

A: I think that, against Tom Brady, it's all of us, a back seven thing, but typically, it's mainly the safeties though.

Q: Do you try to play games with quarterbacks?

A: This week I'm going to try (laughs).

Q: Where is this team right now coming off a win, but also having a bye week? Where do you think the club is heading into this stretch morale-wise, focus-wise and confidence-wise?

A: I think it's strong. Us as players, we take it week-by-week. We don't really focus over like the long haul of the season because you never know week-by-week what's going to happen. So, it's strong week-in and week-out and we're looking forward to playing against one of the best.

Q: It seems like a simple question, but obviously when the defense goes on the field, the goal is to give up no points in a series. But sometimes you're give up field goals. Is the difference between giving up a field goal and a touchdown for a defense mentally more than even four points? It's like, 'Alright, at least we held them to a field goal and not let them get into the endzone.'

A: I think the four points is the biggest thing because, of course, if you add seven up over time, you're going to score more points. So, when an offense drives down the field and they're only able to get a field goal out of it, that's kind of taking their momentum away, but also, they can't win the game off of just straight field goals, at least I don't think so in today's NFL.

Q: It's easy to say, but the lack of touchdowns or scoring touchdowns – the Bucs have a lot of touchdowns, the most in the league. Can it be demoralizing for a defense when you see them get in the endzone so much?

A: It's not really demoralizing. You've just got to have that reset mentality as a defensive player. They're going to score, they got elite players on their team. They get paid a lot of money; they're going to score. You just got to be able to weather the storm, be able to fight back and make plays on your side of the ball as well.

Q: What made (Tampa Bay Wide Receiver) Mike Evans such a tough matchup for you last year?

A: Last year? I think he's just who he is. He's a physical, big receiver, able to use his body well and he attacks the ball. He has a huge catch radius. I think that's what made it so hard to play against him last year.

Q: Is he probably the receiver you're most familiar with in the league with your background?

A: Man, I played him quite a bit. I'd probably say yeah, I'm probably most familiar with him.

Q: How does that work? Do you guys both try to do things different or just kind of do what you do?

A: Just got to go out there and play. That was my mindset when I played against him consistently. You just go out there and just play.

Q: Does it make it different that he has Brady to work with? How much did that change the equation for you?

A: He was still tough to guard, but (Saints Quarterback/Former Tampa Bay Quarterback) Jameis (Winston), I feel like Jameis does more deep balls than Tom Brady does just because I feel like Jameis Winston has a really, really strong arm. Tom Brady, he's also an elite quarterback, so he makes smart decisions back there quite a bit and he's very accurate as well. Just two different quarterbacks, but both of them are hard to play against, really.

Q: As a player, do you ever look at Tampa's lost two in a row, Brady has lost two in a row, we really have to be on our game because Brady never loses three in a row?

A: I just look at it as me facing Tom Brady, one of the greatest. Just with that, I've got to be on my A game. I don't really look at how many losses he's had or how many losses or wins that we've had. It's a new week and he's a great competitor.

Q: How is (Linebacker) Tae (Crowder) been doing with running the audibles and stuff? That's kind of new to him since (Linebacker) Blake (Martinez) was doing it mostly last year.

A: Yeah, I think he's been doing well. It's tough being kind of new in the league, a young player in the league and also having a lot thrown on your plate. I think he's handled it well. I think the biggest thing for us is just being able to communicate and that's what we always harp on every time we're out there on the field. Just communicate and after that, we'll just execute.

Q: This team has not done well in prime-time games. Is there something different about them that maybe some guys don't handle as well?

A: I just enjoy playing football in general. Whether it's playing at night, during the day, prime-time or not and I don't think prime-time is actually getting to us. I can't really point out what it is. Yeah, I just like to play football, honestly.

Q: A lot of times in prime-time games, you're playing against a good team.

A: For sure, yeah.

Q: Is that part of it?

A: Not sure, to be honest with you. I think we play good teams' week in and week out. Teams play bad on Sunday during the day, then they play bad at bight sometimes. Just on that day, any given Sunday or Monday can be your day, or Thursday.

Q: You've got more time to kill during the day? Does that make a difference? What is your routine like?

A: That is true. When I have more time on my hands, usually I try to fit a nap in there. Try to take some of that time up, but I like waking up and just playing honestly on Sunday around 1:00 pm. Those prime-time games you get more sleep, so that's a positive.
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