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Missed this: great interview with Stephen Baker

TDMaker85 : 11/21/2021 12:13 am
It's two months old but terrific stuff from my handlesake, plus an awesome Parcells/Bobby Johnson story to close it out.
TD Maker Interview - ( New Window )
Thank you  
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 11/21/2021 6:28 am : link
That was a great read about Stephen Baker, the touchdown maker.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 11/21/2021 10:27 am : link
'Little Stephen Baker'-John Madden.
beechbouy : 11/21/2021 5:56 pm : link
read. Thanks for posting.
I didn't know about getting Bobby Johnson his ring back,  
Mad Mike : 11/21/2021 6:47 pm : link
that's really great.
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