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Noah Sewell

sec308 : 11/21/2021 1:42 pm
I'm an Oregon Alum and though my Ducks screwed the pooch last night Noah Sewell was a highlight at linebacker. In fact he has been for pretty much the whole season. He has a pedigree that goes with his talents. I'm not a talent evaluator, and was wondering if the folks hear have a bead on him. I'd like to hear your thoughts.
I still record all the Utah games  
Bill in UT : 11/21/2021 1:57 pm : link
and while they haven't been worth my time most of the year, I've gotta watch this one.
As I thought,  
Bill in UT : 11/21/2021 2:01 pm : link
he's Penei's brother, and I see they have another brother playing LB for Utah, and another at LB for Nevada. Plus 2 uncles are former NFL players. Quite the football family.
RE: I still record all the Utah games  
sec308 : 11/21/2021 2:34 pm : link
In comment 15459512 Bill in UT said:
and while they haven't been worth my time most of the year, I've gotta watch this one.

It was a complete crushing, and for some reason I expected it. Tell me your thoughts on Sewell. This guy might be awesome.
He made some nice plays  
Bill in UT : 11/21/2021 5:41 pm : link
I think they said he had 10 tackles, he wasn't that noticeable to me. But he's big and fast and just a freshman, so he may have a great future ahead of him. Thibideaux didn't have a great game and I was surprised to see he was often blocked by just a tight end. My favorite player on Utah for several years has been TE Brant Kuithe. Great receiver, seemed to block ok, but I didn't watch his blocking that closely. At 230, kind of small for a TE. Lloyd played a good game also, with some big plays, but not sure he really jumped off the screen. Covey's a dynamic guy, but at 167 pounds, I don't think he'll survive the NFL. Plus, he must be about 23 years old.
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