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A great Gettleman draft day quote:

JohnB : 11/22/2021 10:47 pm
“It’s really apparent that we have a little more confidence in our offensive linemen than you guys do."

We have no confidence in the GM and scouts to draft good players. That is why they suck year in and year out and why then need to spend heavy on FAs, because there is no depth to this team especially on the OLine.

He and the WHOLE scouting department need to go.
We have seen this thread about Gettleman..  
EricJ : 11/22/2021 10:48 pm : link
after just about every game over the past 2 years. Gettleman is not getting fired no matter now many threads we create on the topic
Dave is a clown,  
Silver Spoon : 11/22/2021 10:49 pm : link
And he has set this franchise back another 10 years with putrid draft picks and horrendous free agent signings.
Famous last words…  
regulator : 11/22/2021 10:54 pm : link
Spider43 : 11/22/2021 11:04 pm : link
How 'bout them Hog Mollies?!
he's a worse  
Mook80 : 11/22/2021 11:04 pm : link
GM than Handley was a HC.
Where’s FMIC?  
Ned In Atlanta : 11/22/2021 11:05 pm : link
He took a break cause this place is too toxic lol
He thought he had the problem solved  
bceagle05 : 11/22/2021 11:06 pm : link
when he drafted Thomas, Peart and Lemieux in one year. Oh well.
The worst hire ever by this franchise  
Jimmy Googs : 11/22/2021 11:08 pm : link
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