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So how do we get a copy of the Manning cast

arniefez : 11/22/2021 10:52 pm
to 1925 Giants Way (I know it's Dr.) and tie anyone named Mara or related to a Mara to a chair and force them to watch it twice with no break, no food or no water. THAT IS A JOKE - THE TYING UP PART. But not the watching it part.

Maybe they'll take their blue glasses off and see their team the way the rest of the NFL sees it.

Two of the greatest QBs ever to play in the NFL, one of them - Eli - clearly loves the Giants and they don't know how to explain what they're seeing.

Peyton is bending over backwards trying not to be too critical and he just shakes his head and says nothing. At this point in the game they both look like they ate bad fish.
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