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My thoughts on the Giants

Bill in UT : 11/23/2021 12:23 am
I never played more than sandlot football. I've been a Giants' fan since Y.A. Tittle. I'm not a homer, I'm not a hater. But here's how I feel at this point after tonight's game. Daniel Jones does not seem to be a guy you can win a championship with. I know all the excuses, no OL, skill players always injured. But he doesn't make the reads, he doesn't make good decisions and he makes inexcusable bonehead plays. Then add in the stripsacks. This coaching staff does nothing to inspire me. Judge talked about putting players into positions where they could succeed, but I still don't see them getting the ball to Barkley or Toney in space or getting 50:50 balls to Golladay. They continue to throw the ball to Slayton, and he's awful. Poor game management. No aggressive play calling on either side of the ball. Being a product of the Parcells era, I hate Graham's soft bend but don't break defense.
We need a new GM. I think we need a new coaching staff, whatever disruption it would entail. These guys do not get the best out of our roster. I would not draft a QB this year. I would draft 2 OL, 2 ER, and an ILB with our first 5 picks. I would not extend Barkley. He can walk. I would not extend Jones, but I'd give him another season with a hopefully improved OL. I'd draft a QB in '23 if he doesn't take a giant step forward.
sec308 : 11/23/2021 12:29 am : link
But the organization higher ups may also be the problem. I hope we ar not in a Dolan Snyder era.
I'm done after this game...  
jamison884 : 11/23/2021 3:42 am : link
I hate the Oline. I say blow it up personally. Fuck the cap, Solder looks smaller than a tight end, Hernandez kills drives. I'd rather see both cut tomorrow and get some practice squad players from any team.

The play calling is I never played football and don't pay close enough attention to know specific plays and game plans, but anyone with eyes can see the play calling is a disgrace.

The defense can shine, but they're inconsistent and are playing bend, but don't break, all season long and more often than not, they break too much before the game is over. They're in a mini-prevent defense all game.

Engram can fuck off. He has to be the most overrated player on the team, because every season with every coach, they all say he's athletic. But he's always injured and never integrated into the game plan in a major way.

I hate to say it, but SB is a bust. I wanted him bad to add some excitement with a NYG running game to setup deep passes. He's been injured too many times and I think he's physically done as each injury piles up.

Golladay is a horrible signing even with more playing time, the effort on that so-called block as he was just walking was pitiful.

Shep can't stay on the field for more than six consecutive quarters per federal law.

DJ is Eli 0.5 instead of Eli 2.0. He has a future of being a backup QB. Eli had a better team around him, but DJ doesn't and he's simply not elevating the players around him. That TB stat with...what is it now, 74 wins in a row going into the half with the lead? That's the definition of elevating teammates and being clutch. He doesn't throw off defenders with his eyes, he still has panic throws resulting in INTs, he is generally horrible reading the play in real time and selecting the best target.

Toney is electric, but it hurts him a lot due to never wanting to go down and his size means he's pushed around all game; his antics directly took away a first down.

Meanwhile, JPP is performing well and he was traded off years ago because he didn't fit the defensive scheme? I guess that scheme is to have zero pass rush.

Our best player is our fucking kicker. I would smile tomorrow with a few coaches being fired and about half the roster dropped, signing young players off of the league's practice squads. It can't be much worse honestly, as I don't see any development or upside to warrant second contracts for our latest draft picks and the veterans aren't working out to justify their cost.

I refuse to even watch the games live. I DVR it and by the beginning of the third quarter I'm playing it at 4x speed which is still slow enough to watch the team get destroyed virtually every play.
it's mainly the OLine  
bc4life : 11/23/2021 5:24 am : link
all starts up front
Gonna be a while  
dan518 : 11/23/2021 6:21 am : link
people. Gonna be a long while until we see a good team again. I would start by firing all DG, JG and most if not all the coaches
Your assessment is dead on, Bill  
GeofromNJ : 11/23/2021 6:57 am : link
My opinion as well.
I agree  
section125 : 11/23/2021 7:17 am : link

It was all plainly visible last night.

Patrick Graham is not the answer at DC either. There are actually good players on the defensive side of the ball and like Garrett, it seems he does not know how to use them. The lauding of Lorenzo Carter, who is a zero, sticks out like a sore thumb.
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