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Tired and angry....

56GiantsUK : 11/23/2021 4:42 am
Prime time I hate with a passion...

It means a stupid o clock in the morning rise to put the tv on, because I always have this forlorn hope that something good might happen...Yes I should know better, yes I know I am expecting too much...

1.15am I watch Brady march down the field with little effort with either run or pass, the corners and safeties so far back I wonder if we are playing this snap with 7 players...
I think well now we can make adjustments to their play calling, start slowly to clamp down, tighten up but no, we play the schemes that had we doubled the yardage for the Buccs on each play they would effortlessly make the yardage and more.

Then we take the field on offense, each first down is like a minor miracle, I just wish we could take running plays out because they just get stuffed at the line for little gain.
They know they can rush 3 players knowing they will bring heat AND flood the secondary, they are ready for Jones trying to run the ball and are waiting for him at the line of scrimmage.
I almost switch off from the game to hear the wisdom of the big tuna, laughing at his thoughts and memories of him on the sidelines.
Then I get back to seeing our pass rush each man rushing straight at the QB from the front, easily manhandled by the O Line discussing where they might dine that evening after the game. Nobody taking the tackles deep and trying to attack from the sides. Brady has so much time but also has time to turn into Lamar Jackson and easily scamper for a first down.
I look at my watch, 3.15am and look at the score, how the F is this only 17-10 ??? we are sooooooo far out of this game but yet only a td away ? I am so sure that we won't score again that I just wish that Brady would put another score on quickly so I can go to bed not wondering if...
Its as if Jones read my thoughts passing directly to the DL to get the job done quicker.
Bed time...

I hate the defensive schemes.

I hate the way we play the defensive game trusting to their QB to make mistakes rather than taking it away from them.
I hate seeing their WR's sitting past the first down marker, catching the ball and seeing no one within 4 yards of him while our WR's under duress battling for 50/50 passes with the DB inside his shirt.

I hate that we can rush 3 and flood the backfield with 8 players and still WR's are wide open as they march up the field, which makes me wonder why if receivers are always open why we don't rush 6 anyway...

I hate the offensive play calling, I hate the way JG is already prepping for the field goal once we reach the 30 yard line, there is no other explanation for his play calling.
And next we face the Eagles, god help us.

Another opportunity to make another QB look like Joe Montana, he is not a strong passer, but if we sit like we did last night he might have 100 yards on the ground and 300 yards in the air.

I need to see some even if its a sacrificial lamb, show us the beaten down fans that this is not acceptable.
I know you just can't install a new playbook either side of the ball in a week but just for god's sake fire someone either side of the ball.

To quote the famous UK tabloid headline of the 70's when the tabloid owner crossed out the editors feeble attempts at a strong headline and just wrote ENOUGH is ENOUGH....

Sorry for the rant, its going to be a long day at work...

Hang in there  
Sec 103 : 11/23/2021 7:10 am : link
better days are coming, when I have no clue. But you are correct, sacrificial lamb time for sure.
Thanks 56, you spoke for a lot of us...  
PA Aggie : 11/23/2021 7:57 am : link
But at least you are an ocean away from living in eagles' territory...(puke), getting laughed at by a team and their fans that has owned us for a decade. A team that hit rock bottom this past winter...and in a few months, have blown by us doing what we have been trying to do for 10 years...

We have gone past just sadness.
I make as many jokes as I can poking fun at Gettleman  
Jimmy Googs : 11/23/2021 8:00 am : link
to try and laugh it off.

But it is sad how this isn't getting better...
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