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Can someone explain O-line success in layman's terms?

PA Aggie : 11/23/2021 8:23 am
Having never put on the pads, I would appreciate a short lesson in O-line construction and strategy. Maybe put it in a hierarchy of what is most important...?

Seeing our O-line do okay some games, then put in a game like last night, maybe I am picking on Hernandez and Solder a bit...but we have been 'working on' the O-line for far too many years. It makes me think an O-line's construction is one of the greatest mysteries of the modern world.

Individual size and shape - besides overall size of the guy, we hear reach, agility, hips, etc. What are the most important physical traits necessary, or does it vary from one position to another? You can include attitude or intelligence traits too.

Coaching - what is expected on the pro level from the individual player? I assume the basics are taught in HS, enhanced in college, then just fine tuning at the pro level? Or do coaches still have to refine a lot of technique at the pro level? We hear about unity of the group, how do coaches accomplish this besides just time together?

Strategy - I know the best lines impose their will and have a strategy of 'we will do what we want and you need to stop us'. But how do O-lines who are average adjust to a D-line? Can adjustments be made during a game? And in a game last night, is it an individual failure (Solder, Hernandez) or a strategy/coaching failure? Is our play calling negatively affecting our O-line play by calling plays our line does not have the talent to do?

Seeing DJ pressured like he was, seeing D guys going past Hernandez before he is even moving...I can see the failure, but want to know what elements lead up to that failure.

Thank you.
I have played a lot of OL and been around coaching my whole life  
Aaroninma : 11/23/2021 9:03 am : link
And to me, the OL should be the easiest place to take average talent and make them an above average unit. You can simplify protection schemes, and run blocking, you can coach guys into a better unit. Ol play is all about taking 5 guys and having them operate as 1 with a singular focus. And our OL looks like everyone is on their own island a lot of the time, which is a recipe for disaster.

We constantly breakdown against twist and stunt, which directly speaks to this.
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