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The Day After thoughts on another Giant loss.

jvm52106 : 11/23/2021 11:48 am
These posts can be repetitive but I wanted a place for me to share my thoughts across the board vs one comment here and there in a string of comments.

These are not in order of importance:

1) James Bradberry has to be one of the most disappointing players on this years team if not THE most disappointing. His coverage has been spotty, his playmaking far below last year and his tackling is god awful. I can't believe the drop off from last year to this year.
1a) HOWEVER, sometimes soft in scheme produces soft in play. When you play back, play soft you tend to be soft. An issue that is also tied to our offense (that in a minute) when you play a scheme that relies on perfection in execution and still needs the other team to not do the right thing for it to work, you are asking a lot to happen- vs making things happen.

2) The Q.Roche and A.Ojulari trains slowed yesterday as neither even sniffed Tom Brady's cologne let alone laid a hand on him. They had a better chance of getting Giesle on her back than Brady on his.

3) For all the players that get bashed here (and more will in this post) the one guy who still gets a pass from a lot of people is Saquan Barkley. I am so tired of the hype train that is Barkley. He plays fucking soft. He dances and stops too much and more than once fell while running forward without much contact. Yes, he was rusty and still coming back BUT, he has done nothing to change the course of this offense, let alone this franchise. When you have a sportscar it needs a clean, flat road to perform and in the NFL that means the RB needs SPACE and needs Blockers. We cannot provide either and he cannot perform much at all without both. He was the failed pick that created a cascade effect from there.

4) Signing guys from losing organizations can be very risky. Are those players just numb to losing and just accumulate stats that make them seem much better? Golladay scares me. He whiffed on a block where he clearly didn't even try. But, what scares me more is when Jones didn't hit him, didn't throw it to him, as he was wide open deep in TB territory, does that play into the effort we see going forward. meaning, a guy is accustomed to losing, so that doesn't overly bother him but, he is also accustomed to padding stats, scoring and getting recognition for his play. When losing combines not getting production either what will we see as far as effort goes in the coming weeks.

5) Will Hernandez should be benched immediately. He was god awful last night and has been pretty poor all year long. He was beaten by Suh so easily that even if Price was doing his job better he still wouldn't have been able to stop Suh from getting in on Jones. The multiple penalties were also an issue. We may not have a choice going forward but after the season he is gone.

6) if we don't get a gift Int we don't even score 10 points. This is the second year in a row we start 3-7 but we were moving forward last year at 3-7 and right now we are looking pathetically bad at 3-7. Yes, we should have beaten WFT and Atlanta but, we didn't. We don't put bad teams away consistently- heck we needed a sack fumble against the Raiders to prevent them from coming back on us. We are a bad team that most of us still cling to the 05-11 seasons but now look more like 94-99- if not worse.

7) Joe Judge- I am at the point now where the needle is pointing down. He is over his head and he talks with too much bravado, too much authority and too much confidence for a guy who coaches a team that is 9-17 under his watch and looking like they will reach double digit losses again for him. Worse, this team looks lost, befuddled and just down right sloppy too much for a guy who screams, situational football and awareness, complimentary football, scheme fluid and fundamentally sound.. Everything Judge says he is and this team is/will be, he and this team isn't. Hard to even listen to him anymore.

8) First, I have defended Daniel Jones for the last two years and have argued with Go terps, BW etc. on their (sometimes) unfair assessment of Jones while giving passes to other QB's who make the same mistakes- sometimes. I am not about to bow down as some have done here but, I will say I am now on their side of the argument that Jones isn't the guy. Maybe he could be much better- Tannehill like but he isn't a winner. The missed pass to Golladay, or better said the pass he didn't throw to Golladay that I am 10000000000000000% positive- Rodgers, Brady, Mahomes, Cousins, Stafford, Roethlisberger, Herbert and even Mac Jones would have made. You can't set your mind to one spot and ignore what the play is giving you. Great QB's catch that right off, good QB's find it as the play is going and average to below average QB's miss it and throw to the first read that was not winning their battle period. That was a HORRIBLE miss and when watching from behind the line you can see that Jones doesn't even think of going to KG.

When you add in the later INt that was beyond poor. Don't tell me about the Oline protection as that had nothing to do with this travesty of a throw. he coukld have thrown it away or even taken the sack there. NOPE, he throws it at Bill Price (no receiver anywhere near there) and hits the Bucs 310 DT right in the gut. It was so pathetic that it truly summed up how bad this team and organization has become. Jones is not the guy. He is Mitchell Trubisky without the mustache. He is Jared Goff with better mobility. he isn't the answer.

9) Jason Garrett- has to go. His play calling is suspect. His schemes are pathetically complicated for the play calls they represent. How many times do we see backside tackles happen because Garrett's scheme asks the front side TE to come all the way across the formation and pick up the backside defender? How many times do we see Jones moving guys around pre-snap, getting motion to the right side (where they are supposed to be , not a direction) and drain play clock to then just handoff into the line. My favorite line from Brian Griese last night- after Jones moves players all over, gets them reset, and then reset again, then just hands off into the line. and Griese says all of that stuff and that is it! That is the play! That is the Giants offense right there, all this movement and changing, resetting, and brain usage to then just run into the line for NO GAIN!

This season is done and right now I am not sure anyone of the staff should be back and know for sure the GM needs to go.

Jones to me is done, the question is will it be in the off season 2022 or off season 2023.
mainly about talent at key positions  
bc4life : 11/23/2021 11:51 am : link
OLine and edge. if you get consistent competent, not great - just consistent competent play, on the field product would be significantly better.
Welcome aboard  
Producer : 11/23/2021 11:55 am : link
It's liberating
RE: mainly about talent at key positions  
lax counsel : 11/23/2021 11:58 am : link
In comment 15464172 bc4life said:
OLine and edge. if you get consistent competent, not great - just consistent competent play, on the field product would be significantly better.

Agree completely, they lack talent at the positions you need to have a successful team today, QB, OL, and edge. You have those things in place, your team has a shot.
Everything is interrelated  
Reese's Pieces : 11/23/2021 12:06 pm : link
Give a Hall of Fame QB with All Pro receivers five seconds in the pocket to throw and any corner is going to look bad.

He did miss a tackle, but he's not a chronic bad tackler.
I am getting joyful with each loas now, its just Apathy  
MartyNJ1969 : 11/23/2021 12:13 pm : link
Speaking, this team has a horrible cocaching staff from top to bottom and we have. Alot less talent
RE: Everything is interrelated  
jvm52106 : 11/23/2021 12:13 pm : link
In comment 15464217 Reese's Pieces said:
Give a Hall of Fame QB with All Pro receivers five seconds in the pocket to throw and any corner is going to look bad.

He did miss a tackle, but he's not a chronic bad tackler.

He has missed a bunch of tackles. Please don't confuse one side (Brady's time to throw) with having anything to do with the other side.
this team has a knack  
I Love Clams Casino : 11/23/2021 12:15 pm : link
for signing guys at their peak, paying for past performance, and then getting nothing in return.

Soft on players, comes from ownership, but at least the Giants are "The Good Guys"
I'm here  
Photoguy : 11/23/2021 1:17 pm : link
to say that I'm very discouraged. With everything.

I watched it all, and from the early third quarter, I was just numb. I'm not going to go around screaming about firing everyone, but this is about as bad as I've felt in a long, long time about this team.
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