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NFT: MLB News including Wander Franco Extension

ManningLobsItBurressAlone : 11/23/2021 1:07 pm
- Wander Franco signs a 12 year, $223M extension with Tampa. This covers 2 pre-arb years, 3 arbitration years, and 7 years of free agency. Wow

- Reds open to dealing Sonny Gray

- Orioles open to dealing John Means
Start making your bets now  
GNewGiants : 11/23/2021 1:10 pm : link
Franco for MVP this year. I can see him competing for a batting title and going for 35 homers plus.
Is there opt  
pjcas18 : 11/23/2021 1:16 pm : link
outs? I thought the Braves Acuna deal was good and of course there is risk since Franco is still 20, but that seems like a massively below market deal.
RE: Start making your bets now  
section125 : 11/23/2021 1:18 pm : link
In comment 15464389 GNewGiants said:
Franco for MVP this year. I can see him competing for a batting title and going for 35 homers plus.

Isn't that what they said about Arozarena?
ManningLobsItBurressAlone : 11/23/2021 1:28 pm : link
guarantee is 11 years for $185, with a 12th year option that would hit the $223 figure from before.
moze1021 : 11/23/2021 2:30 pm : link
talking about bringing Matz back..

I'm fine if it's as the 4th/5th starter.

FA or Trade
FA or Trade (Stro is minimum viable 3rd starter, IMO)
Good deal for both sides  
Dave in PA : 11/23/2021 2:34 pm : link
Franco now set for 10 generations and the Rays look like they’ll finally keep a cornerstone piece around for a long long time. Would suck if he got injured, but worth the risk of buying out 5 cheap years
So they’ll use him  
Joe Beckwith : 11/23/2021 7:36 pm : link
For 4 years and flip him for a new group of top 20 rated players .
Mets interested in  
five5 : 11/23/2021 7:38 pm : link
RE: Mets interested in  
Vanzetti : 11/23/2021 8:02 pm : link
In comment 15465452 five5 said:

Who would possibly trade for a pitcher with so many available?

Even the Mets cant be that dumb with their lack of prospects.
Just read BA's scouting report on Volpe, had to find a tissue paper  
Jim in Hoboken : 11/27/2021 4:14 pm : link
to wipe the drool off. This kid was created to impact a baseball, damn. Dominguez's tools seem to have been downgraded, especially his speed given how stocky he's become. Apparently his arm was overplayed too.

BA seems higher on Hayden Wesneski than others. Oswaldo Cabrera is now a keeper as well.
RasputinPrime : 11/27/2021 9:01 pm : link
baseball is really broken. If the union does what they should, these kids are going to be wildly underpaid for their careers.

Get these kids paid while they are in their primes.
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