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Why are some of you trying to blame one person or the other?

louied7535 : 11/23/2021 3:45 pm
The Giants right now are a collective dumpster fire from the top down. Why are we arguing over who’s fault it is because everybody has a hand in it. The scouts, the owners, the coaches, players everyone. It’s not just Dalniel Jones’s fault, it’s not just Jason Garrett’s fault, it’s not just the offensive lines fault. This is a total organizational disaster. Last night Daniel Jones was terrible so was the offensive line, so was the playcalling etc. Also those of you calling for a total makeover that already happened do you really wanna go through that again?
louied7535 : 11/23/2021 3:47 pm : link
There has been some bad luck with injuries and people retiring
It's silly  
dancing blue bear : 11/23/2021 3:52 pm : link
Anyone one that understands the game knows it's not 1 thing. and if it was our "BBI experts" would not be the ones to determine that.

People def. have an agenda about who they hate.
Honestly after watching the game last night  
Debaser : 11/23/2021 3:53 pm : link
I don't think the Giants would be that bad if they got a better QB; the got another couple of lineman ; cut Barkley ; and got another stud pass rusher.
I've always called it  
Gman11 : 11/23/2021 3:53 pm : link
a simple solution to a complex problem. Just fire the coach, QB, RB, Center, OC, GM, Owner, peanut salesman (pick one). That fixes everything.
louied7535 : 11/23/2021 3:55 pm : link
One of the announcers said yesterday they review to play the Buccaneers ran and got a first down on the third and four and he simply said why can the Giants not execute elementary football plays like this think about that
and firing is not enough  
dancing blue bear : 11/23/2021 3:56 pm : link
they should be drawn and quartered.

cosmicj : 11/23/2021 3:56 pm : link
That’s a straw man. Many recognize there’s a systemic problem with the franchise. I think Garrett is a fall guy.
funny but I was used to the shitty Garrett offense and expected  
Dinger : 11/23/2021 3:56 pm : link
nothing more than they gave last night. Graham REALLY dissappointed. No pressure at all on Brady no physicality. That is the secret sauce against Brady. What really got me was the DB's playing 15 yards off the LOS.

So even if we solved the Offensive problems with Garretts firing, can Graham put in a consistent performance? I know some of its execution, but that was a bad defensive game plan last night.
It all starts  
Spider43 : 11/23/2021 4:02 pm : link
With Getts... get rid of him, and our fortunes will start to change.
Didn't see folks blaming one person.  
Beezer : 11/23/2021 4:03 pm : link
Do you want the real answer?  
Mike from SI : 11/23/2021 4:04 pm : link
It's because posters have staked out positions on certain of these guys being good. And now they feel the need to justify their positions by deflecting blame onto others.
RE: Didn't see folks blaming one person.  
dancing blue bear : 11/23/2021 4:07 pm : link
In comment 15465087 Beezer said:

Literally ...the post before yours
Hey let's not forget  
blueblood'11 : 11/23/2021 5:08 pm : link
Barkley was touched by the hand of God. Only problem is he broke him when he did.
I think a lot of people recognize  
Lines of Scrimmage : 11/23/2021 5:29 pm : link
the problems run very deep and have for going on ten years. It seems easy enough. Draft talented players and have a HC who can assemble a staff, teach and lead them. We have been stuck in mud on the "draft talented players" for some time. Everything else bad builds of that.

Long time ago but Bill Walsh said you can't be competitive if you are not hitting on 50% of your picks. Still some value in that thought imv.

SB, WH, Carter, Hill
DJ, DL, Baker, Ximines
AT, McKinney, Peart
Toney, Olujari, Robinson

Whatever factors involved not a lot of production from this group for premium picks.

i think almost everyone realizes it's not one thing  
markky : 11/23/2021 9:32 pm : link
Gettleman is a clown and hasn't delivered what he said he would, his 3 pillars of winning football. And 4 years in the OL is still a weakness.

Judge talked a big game, but it's not showing up on the field.

Garrett's schemes are old and not innovative. We don't take advantage of the weapons at our disposal. And our QB seems to have regressed under Garrett.

DJ does not have a feel for the most important position in sports. He doesn't see the field, he doesn't look off defenders, he doesn't move around in the pocket.

SB can't pick up the blitz. He likes to jump rather than run.

Our defense is soft. We apply no pressure.

It's everyone's fault.

To me, the first red flag was the drafting of SB without even waiting to find out what offers were on the table. That exposed DG as a clown. So personally, I think it starts with him. But it's everyone's fault. We suck.

I've been wondering for years  
darren in pdx : 11/23/2021 11:53 pm : link
and have been saying that it's a team game from top to bottom. Everyone is at fault and there's a lot of variables to consider. But it's clear that bad decisions from the top of the organization have rotted all the way to the bottom for years. Expect more half-measures this offseason.
No way can I blame Jones for Monday night  
5BowlsSoon : 11/24/2021 8:06 am : link
I agree, he wasn’t anything special, but are you kidding me with our OL? Did you not see Jones being flushed out practically every down? Was HERNANDEZ even trying to block his guy? And he didn’t even have to worry about VV being opposite him.

And Garrett called for a lot of 3 step quick 3 yard passes, obviously not trusting the OL to give Jones any time…can’t blame him though. And did you see Golladay not even try to stay in bounds when he caught a pass on the sidelines?

Did anyone see Jones clearly overthrow a receiver or throw inaccurate? I may have seen one. The first interception was the defensive player reading the play and stepping in. I didn’t see the second because I turned the game off before that happened.

Did anyone see Barkley lining wide and us trying to get him the ball? I didn’t see anything like I saw in the Saints OT, did you? We were just not prepared.

So in conclusion, too many people to blame on this one- coaches, OL, receivers not doing their job, Jones not being perfect, and why was Booker or Penney not running between the tackles instead of Barkley? They are better at it. Barkley in space is better.
RE: No way can I blame Jones for Monday night  
Debaser : 11/24/2021 12:01 pm : link
The first interception was the defensive player reading the play and stepping in. I didn’t see the second because I turned the game off before that happened.

Wait you mean this play was a guy making a read? @ 8:50 ??

Yea 12th year backup defensive tackle making the read on that...(hit him right in the chest)
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