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Transcript: Cornerback James Bradberry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/24/2021 3:21 pm
Cornerback James Bradberry

Q: How big of a loss was (Defensive Back) Logan's (Ryan) absence on the field Monday night?

A: We look at Logan as a key member of this defense, a leader, a playmaker for this defense. We definitely missed him out there, but I was still confident in the guys that we wound up with.

Q: Have you had a chance to talk to him? At this point, what's he kind of thinking?

A: Yeah, we talked. You've got to move on to the next game, that's the way of the league. Yesterday is over, you've got to move on to the next day.

Q: (Defensive Lineman) Leonard Williams mentioned after the game that he was disappointed in the amount of pressure that you guys got. How hard is it to cover when you get no pressure?

A: From my perspective, I always try to look at what I'm doing out there. I didn't play up to my standard, my ability. I start with myself first before I look at my front seven. I didn't play up to my part, so I didn't even look at the pressure yet. I'm just looking at my game and what I can do to improve.

Q: On the (Buccaneers Wide Receiver Mike) Evans touchdown, that's the one that was talked about a lot on TV. I'm sure you probably heard that conversation about the double team. How much were you expecting help there in the middle and kind of what went wrong in your estimation?

A: What went wrong was, he's a big dude, so I should have played him underneath more so than being hip-to-hip with him. That way I can protect myself at the goal line and force him to throw it over the top. I didn't expect help on that play, that's just the call.

Q: What do you guys think when you hear that though? I mean, it's something that kind of was harped on a little bit.

A: Honestly, I didn't watch the video, but I'm sure they talked about it because Mike Evans broke the franchise record or something, right? So, I'm sure they talked about it a lot. I haven't watched the video, so I didn't listen to the commentary and whatnot. I just know I messed up. I should have been a lot lower.

Q: With the Eagles, last week they rushed the ball 50 times. As a DB, how do you handle that in the sense of do you inch up closer or do you just play your position?

A: You just got to do your part, do your job. Whatever the assignment is on that play, make sure you're aware of the pass. I'm a cornerback, so I play pass first most of the time. Then, I come back and help in the run, so you've got to be ready when your name is called. Whenever the receiver cracks, you've got to make sure you come up there and make a tackle, but you've got to always be aware of the pass.

Q: How much of a challenge does (Eagles Quarterback) Jalen Hurts present as a guy who can run as well as he does?

A: He presents definitely a challenge for us because, like you said, his legs are another weapon for him. He does have a good arm. I feel like he's pretty accurate and makes good decisions. So, he's definitely a challenge for us. He's going to go out there and try to execute.

Q: I don't know if somebody else asked you this, but what do you think about (Eagles Wide Receiver) DeVonta Smith?

A: I think he's crafty, he's athletic. I watched his releases in his route running. I feel like he runs very good routes. He's just a savvy guy for a young guy in this league. He has some smoothness to him.

Q: How rare is that? I mean, that's not usually what you hear about a young guy.

A: I assume it has something to do with him going to Alabama. That's a big college, they're well-respected. They put guys in the league all the time, so I'm sure that helped out a lot.

Q: How can you start tackling better? What is going on with your tackling woes?

A: I've just got to make sure I'm focused when I get up there. I have to make sure I'm actually grabbing a piece of the body instead of sliding off. I feel like in the times I did miss tackles, I came up and I felt like I had him, but I kind of slid off. I just have to make sure I wrap up and get him down.

Q: When you guys are in meetings and you're talking about the Eagles offense, I know you're a cornerback, but does the talk start with their offensive line? That seems to be like what they've built their offense around there.

A: I think the number one thing for a defense, any defense in this league – I mean, the defense that I was in my first four years, we always talked about stopping the run first. I think that's the first thing you've got to do in this league is stop the run before you even make an attempt at stopping the pass. They do have a good offensive line. They do a lot up front. They have some good weapons in the backfield they can use to exploit your defense, but you've got to make sure you stop the run first and handle that. Then, you protect the pass second.

Q: Is anything still lingering between the Giants and the Eagles after last year's Week 17, beating the Cowboys and then going home and watching them play Washington?

A: I don't think anything lingers from last year. I just think it's just a rivalry between the Eagles and Giants. It's built from way back then before I was born, so I just feel like it's lot of animosity there in general.

Q: What do you remember about that night watching that game?

A: Honestly, I watched the game through Twitter. I watched like the first quarter, but then I got off because I kind of assumed that they weren't going to play them too much. Really not too many thoughts. We're just going to attack this game and play in the present.

Q: (Head Coach) Joe (Judge) was very vocal about it afterwards, at least with us. Have you noticed that at all from him? Is that anything he ever, as a coach, brought to you guys as players and talked about?

A: No, not really. Things aren't going too well right now, so we're just trying to win the game. It's another game. The Eagles are up right now and that's who we are playing, and that's who our focus is on.

Q: How much of an impact does – I know it happened on the offensive side of the ball – but when a move like firing a coordinator is made, what message does that send to the players and the team?

A: This is a production business, and we need to produce.
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