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NFT: NHL Thread: around 25% of the season is done

pjcas18 : 11/26/2021 11:04 am
any surprises?

For me it's the Penguins and Islanders, I expect those two to be reversed (at least in the standings).

Latest Athletic power rankings (top 10):

1. Panthers
2. Hurricanes
3. Maple Leafs
4. Capitals
5. Flames
6. Avs
7. Lightning
8. Bruins
9. Oilers
10. Wild

4 of the top 10 from the Atlantic, 6 from the East. I think he stretched to include MIN over NYR or PIT just to keep it from seeming more lopsided.

other notables:
12. Rangers
13. GKs
18. Devils
23. Islanders
29. Habs
31. Senators

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COVID hits  
pjcas18 : 12/14/2021 3:26 pm : link
the Preds, wonder if the Rangers are next.

I think it's just a matter of days before the NHLPA pulls out of the Olympics.
RE: COVID hits  
BrettNYG10 : 12/14/2021 3:29 pm : link
In comment 15495748 pjcas18 said:
the Preds, wonder if the Rangers are next.

I think it's just a matter of days before the NHLPA pulls out of the Olympics.

Wouldn't be shocked if they suspend games league wide.
RE: I don't have cable, so I stream every game  
BrettNYG10 : 12/14/2021 3:29 pm : link
In comment 15495740 Greg from LI said:
Quote: one linked on there is Weak Spell. You always get a choice of the home or road broadcasts, so I never have to listen to someone else's homer announcers.

It's not perfect but it works pretty well  
Greg from LI : 12/14/2021 3:33 pm : link
Usually it will lock up once or twice a game. I just refresh when that happens. It's usually only a minute or two behind the live broadcast.
I feel like a shut down is coming  
pjcas18 : 12/14/2021 5:39 pm : link
Pierre LeBrun
Hearing that the doctors from the NHL and NHLPA are having a call tonight to discuss the latest Covid happenings and I presume to recommend next steps.

Chris Johnston
We've seen 23 players added to the NHL's Covid Protocol list inside the last 36 hours.
I'm two hours ahead of you pj.  
BrettNYG10 : 12/14/2021 5:55 pm : link
Shutdown and league dodging the Olympics seems likely.
Well at least we should get  
pjcas18 : 12/14/2021 5:57 pm : link
a WJC.

Though for some reason Russia cut all the Russian CHL players. I mean they're already in Canada, and some are the best Russia has to offer, I wonder if that was some sort of message to stay in Russia.
Also notable  
pjcas18 : 12/14/2021 6:23 pm : link
for Russia is every skater is a left handed shot.

These are the Habs  
pjcas18 : 12/14/2021 7:01 pm : link
lines and i like Suzuki, but holy shit, I don't remember a worse lineup top to bottom.

Arpon Basu
Canadiens lines in warmups:



Amazon Firestick  
Rob in Rockaway : 12/14/2021 7:50 pm : link
works really well for streaming ESPN+ as well as many other services. Lots of content too if you are a Prime member.
Fuck ESPN and fuck the NHL  
RodneyHamp : 12/14/2021 8:02 pm : link
This is beyond dumb.
pjcas18 : 12/14/2021 9:03 pm : link
announces roster. Not as stacked as Canada, but all players either drafted or 2022 draft eligible.

6 1st round picks
6 2nd round picks
6 3rd round picks
2 4th round picks
1 5th round pick (NYR draftee Brett Berard - that kid is fun to watch)

4 2022 draft eligbles

several players, including 1st round pick Thomas Bordeleau removed from consideration due to positive COVID test.

pjcas18 : 12/15/2021 7:58 am : link
are now in 31st place. 3 points up on ARI, but the Habs have 3 games in hand on ARI.

I don't see this changing this year. Top 5 in this upcoming draft is strong, but Shane Wright the prize.
pjcas18 : 12/15/2021 8:00 am : link
expected back tonight.

EDM now lost 6 in a row. Still no solid goalie investment. You have McDavid and Drasaitl, a 1-2 combo as good as Crosby/Malkin or Toews/Kane, but without a goalie they won't win anything.
I think that US team looks fantastic  
Andy in Halifax : 12/15/2021 8:11 am : link
I love what USA hockey is doing with their program. That's a nice mix of talent right there. Yes, Canada looks great too (also dig the Finland team) but USA is a big time contender.

Biased, but will be fun watching Sanderson dominate this event.
Ottawa was headed for the Shane Wright sweepstakes but took an  
Andy in Halifax : 12/15/2021 8:14 am : link
odd Uturn and decided to beat Carolina, Tampa and FLorida (8-2 no less) this week and now look to be in that awkward zone of no hope for playoffs but no hope for Wright either. Fun to win but they need another top skilled forward.
pjcas18 : 12/15/2021 8:21 am : link
has a lot of talent. young talent.

if they don't do anything stupid, they should be "back" sooner than many people think.

pjcas18 : 12/15/2021 8:35 am : link
agree Andy on US WJC roster and Canada/Finland (those three should be the best teams - without knowing what to expect from Russia).

Between Owen Power/Kaiden Guhle and Luke Hughes/Jake Sanderson the blue lines on Canada and USA should be fun to watch.

Also looking forward to Connor Bedard (2023 draft eligible) for Canada. Lafreniere didn't look great in his draft -1 year (dominated in his draft year though), so let's see how Bedard does as a 16 year old.

Not to mention Wright obviously.

On the US side, I'm looking forward to see Logan Cooley (2022 draft eligible)
pjcas18 : 12/15/2021 11:44 am : link
Scott Wheeler
· 33m
“Jake Sanderson could be playing for the Ottawa Senators right now.” - Team USA GM John Vanbiesbrouck
Flames are up to 17  
pjcas18 : 12/15/2021 12:07 pm : link
More good news for the Habs  
pjcas18 : 12/15/2021 12:12 pm : link
Canadiens Montréal
Christian Dvorak is out indefinitely with a lower-body injury. He is being monitored and evaluated daily.
Here comes DET  
pjcas18 : 12/15/2021 1:04 pm : link
on the verge of a major shit show IMO.

Ansar Khan
#RedWings announce they have placed forwards Robby Fabbri and Michael Rasmussen in COVID protocol.
pjcas18 : 12/15/2021 3:32 pm : link
Hockey Hound
Breaking News: The Ontario government has announced today the restrictions on indoor venues including NHL arena.

With that being said, #LeafsForever and #GoSensGo games have been cut to 50% capacity.

-Per @brianlilley
So this is Kuznetsov  
pjcas18 : 12/15/2021 3:39 pm : link
3rd time getting COVID? Sounds sketchy.

Tom Gulitti
Replying to
So Capitals lose Kuznetsov (COVID protocol) as they're about to get Nicklas Backstrom back from hip injury.

Nic Dowd and Trevor van Riemsdyk expected to return from protocol tonight.

Kuznetsov was in COVID protocol twice last season and confirmed he tested positive both times.
BrettNYG10 : 12/15/2021 3:56 pm : link
I really think we're going to get a week or two shutdown. I'm surprised we haven't gone in that direction.

Anecdotally, I've heard more people testing positive this past week than I have this entire pandemic, lol (added context: I have no friends, so limited sample size).
RE: ....  
pjcas18 : 12/15/2021 4:12 pm : link
In comment 15496957 BrettNYG10 said:
I really think we're going to get a week or two shutdown. I'm surprised we haven't gone in that direction.

Anecdotally, I've heard more people testing positive this past week than I have this entire pandemic, lol (added context: I have no friends, so limited sample size).

Agree. I tested positive the day before Thanksgiving. My wife too.

We came back from a hockey tournament with my youngest in Jay Peak, VT the weekend before Thanksgiving and there was an outbreak.

20-something out of 57 people in our group (players, coaches, family members) tested positive. We had a two week shut down.

and since then a ton of people we know have tested positive.
pjcas18 : 12/15/2021 7:05 pm : link
Mark Lazerus
The Blackhawks have settled with Kyle Beach. Full statement:

pjcas18 : 12/16/2021 8:50 pm : link
3rd round pick from 2019, Mattias Norlinder, made the team out of camp but recently was sent to Laval (AHL) to work on things on the NA ice which was new to him this year. He flashed but he wasn't ready for the NHL.

He asked the Canadiens to loan him back to Frolunda in the SHL (Sweden).

He just wanted to go home, he's 21 years old, and isn't ready for the NHL.

It happens more often than we know about.

Jack Drury  
pjcas18 : 12/16/2021 8:54 pm : link
(Chris' nephew) making his NHL debut and scores.

he was on the USA gold medal WJC team last January.
pjcas18 : 12/17/2021 9:33 am : link
Mark Scheig
Just in: Canadiens/Bruins this Saturday postponed.
pjcas18 : 12/17/2021 10:32 am : link
Believe things might be shaking up in Winnipeg soon…
12:35 AM · Dec 17, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
pjcas18 : 12/17/2021 10:48 am : link
And the Jets scored 8 goals and smoked the Devil's a few weeks ago  
Stu11 : 12/17/2021 12:23 pm : link
What does that tell you? It's gotten really rough on Devs world. I like a lot of what Fitz has done as GM, but man did he screw the pooch with that Ruff hire with Gallant out there. Now maybe Gallant wasn't interested, who knows. However there was literally nobody in hockey clamoring t ok hire Ruff as a HC. I don't even know where they go from here. They are something like 3-14-3 in their last 20 games, with 2 of their wins coming vs Philly. Honestly I doubt a coaching change will even do much unless they get some great guy in here. I don't wanna see either of the 2 asst clowns- Rechi or Naserdine promoted. Tough to do a complete bench sweep mid season. Who.knows where they go but something has to change.
pjcas18 : 12/17/2021 1:59 pm : link
Frank Seravalli
Hearing #FlaPanthers have been shut down until after Christmas.
pjcas18 : 12/17/2021 2:01 pm : link
Fluto Shinzawa
Bruins vs. Colorado next Thursday will be postponed, per source. As of now, Sunday @ Ottawa and Tuesday vs. Carolina are on.
pjcas18 : 12/17/2021 2:04 pm : link
Elliotte Friedman
Hearing Calgary, Colorado and Florida will have their games postponed through Christmas
pjcas18 : 12/17/2021 2:24 pm : link
Pierre LeBrun
Things keep changing rapidly, but as of this very minute, the NHL still doesn't plan to pause the entire league.... Like I said, as of this very minute...
Just a matter of hours if not minutes  
Stu11 : 12/17/2021 2:26 pm : link
Before the league pauses till after Christmas.
pjcas18 : 12/18/2021 10:41 am : link
Pierre LeBrun
Expect more NHL postponements to be announced today. A league-wide pause feels inevitable but for now sense is the NHL/NHLPA will try to power through next few days if possible with case by case approach still…
Beat reporters in BOS  
pjcas18 : 12/18/2021 10:53 am : link
waiting for Bruins to hit the ice for practice, no one shows up...

Pierre LeBrun
· 5m
The Bruins are testing this morning and then depending on results will await league guidance on whether they’re flying to Ottawa for Sunday’s game.
pjcas18 : 12/18/2021 10:59 am : link
Detroit Red Wings
UPDATE: The #RedWings have placed Givani Smith, Carter Rowney, Alex Nedeljkovic, head coach Jeff Blashill and assistant coach Alex Tanguay in the NHL's COVID-19 protocol.
pjcas18 : 12/18/2021 2:06 pm : link
Elliotte Friedman
TOR/VAN won’t play tonight — nor tomorrow (Canucks/Coyotes…Leafs/Kraken).
pjcas18 : 12/18/2021 7:33 pm : link
Detroit Red Wings
· 12m
UPDATE: The #RedWings have placed forward Filip Zadina in the NHL's COVID-19 protocol.
BrettNYG10 : 12/18/2021 9:42 pm : link
Just take a few weeks off at this point.
RE: ....  
Stu11 : 12/19/2021 12:01 am : link
In comment 15501071 BrettNYG10 said:
Just take a few weeks off at this point.

Nothing would change for Devs fans. The Devs have already taken the last month off.
RE: RE: ....  
Jay on the Island : 12/19/2021 12:10 pm : link
In comment 15501184 Stu11 said:
In comment 15501071 BrettNYG10 said:


Just take a few weeks off at this point.

Nothing would change for Devs fans. The Devs have already taken the last month off.

I am absolutely disgusted by the performance of the team especially Ruff and his assistants. Recchi and Nasreddine should have been fired after last season. Ruff continues to play useless players like Mason Geersten as if it were still the 90's. They have to fire him ASAP. Boudreau would have been a great fit for this team.

I am hoping that the Devils let Ruff go after today's game because I will not watch much more of this.
pjcas18 : 12/20/2021 9:53 am : link
tune-ups start today.

I think the tournament will still go on, all the teams are already there as are the staff and they have some tight protocols.

pjcas18 : 12/20/2021 4:18 pm : link
· 13m
Following Monday's practice, Team Canada announced captains for the 2022 World Junior Championship.

C: Kaiden Guhle
A: Jake Neighbours
A: Cole Perfetti

League is going to officially  
Mad Mike : 12/20/2021 10:05 pm : link
postponing games and closing facilities. Not really sure what a couple days off accomplishes, but so be it.
link - ( New Window )
Officially "pause" starting Wed.through 12/26  
Mad Mike : 12/20/2021 10:06 pm : link
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