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Transcript: Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/26/2021 6:51 pm

Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay

Q: How big of a change do you expect in the offense with a new coordinator?

A: My mindset is just staying positive, to be honest. Excited for this weekend. Excited every weekend for a chance to play and be out there on the field. My mindset is just being positive.

Q: Can there be big changes in an offense in a week when you're essentially using the same playbook still?

A: I won't say 'big changes.' I feel like we're going to still run the stuff that we know and do well. At this point, I think it's just about getting the right guys in the right spot.

Q: How much would you like to start getting the ball more down the field on the sideline?

A: To be honest, just more opportunities, period. Any way I can help the team, that's all I really want, so of course I would like more opportunities.

Q: Have you been frustrated with your lack of opportunities?

A: I'm going to just keep that comment to myself.

Q: Do you believe that you will be less frustrated after Sunday's game?

A: I don't know. I'm going to keep that comment to myself.

Q: What did you eat for Thanksgiving yesterday?

A: I had some macaroni, some yams, some greens, some turkey, some ham. Had a couple cakes. (laughs)

Q: What do you expect to change with the offense and what you're used to?

A: To be honest, I'm just coming into it with an open mind and go into it like I go into every week. When the ball is coming to 19, I've just got to make the play. Hope for more opportunities of course, but when the ball comes to me, I've got to make it. Even if I don't have a lot of opportunities, I've got to make the most of those opportunities.

Q: There may be a situation or a lot of situations on Sunday when you see a guy who you're pretty familiar with on the other side of the ball.

A: My boy (Eagles Cornerback Darius) Slay. It should be exciting. I'm excited to go against him. I actually haven't even talked to him. I'm pretty sure I'm going to talk to him before the game though.

Q: What were those practice battles like for you?

A: It was always good competition. That's a good player over there. They paid him as well to go over there, what, two years ago I believe? I'm looking forward to it.

Q: Do you find it odd that he has more touchdowns than you?

A: Yeah, that's messed up, huh? (laughs). It is what it is. He's a playmaker. I know him very well. I'm not surprised that he's always around the ball making those plays for their team. I played with him, I want to say three years, and he did the exact same thing when I was with him. I want to say he led the league in interceptions one year I was with him – so I'm not surprised.

Q: Do you feel like guys are excited about this change for the offense?

A: I really can't speak for other guys. As far as myself, I loved Jason Garrett. Things I guess didn't work out and we had to make a change. But Jason Garrett in my book as a guy, I love the guy, to be honest.

Q: Does (Senior Offensive Assistant) Freddie (Kitchens) call good plays?

A: I don't know who's going to call the plays. (Head Coach) Joe Judge might call the plays, I don't know. We're going to see.

Q: Do you think you've been winning on your routes?

A: Yeah, and I feel like on other routes I can do a better job, but I do feel like I win on some routes. Even when it might not look like I'm winning, I could possibly still be winning.

Q: You're not really a guy that separation isn't necessarily your game, right?

A: I wouldn't say that. I know people say I don't always create a lot of separation, but at the end of the day the ball gets caught, so I don't really care what other people think that much. Catch the catch.

Q: Were you disappointed in that one missed block? That looked like it could've been a big play.

A: Yeah, that was all on me. That was on me. The nickel blitzed and it was a perfect shot for (Wide Receiver Kadarius Toney) KT to be right there on the safety. I take full responsibility on that play.

Q: How much do you feel like this offense has to prove? There has obviously been a lot of criticism and all that because you guys haven't scored that much, and the coach just got fired. How much do you feel like this group has to prove that you're better than what you've shown?

A: To be honest, I don't think we're trying to prove to anybody. I think we all know what we're capable of and I think we just want to go out there and just put it on tape. We leave a lot of plays out there with penalties. For instance, when I missed the block, that falls down on player execution at times, so you can't put everything on coaches or the play caller. We play a big role in this, as well. We just have to do a better job.

Q: How much do you guys look at this as sort of a fresh start? You're making alterations and changing.

A: It's too late to say this is a fresh start, you know what I mean? I guess you could say 'get on track,' as far as us getting on track, scratching, erasing that last game that just happened. We've got another opportunity this Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. Let's get on track, I would say that. Not a fresh start, let's just get on track.
Keeping a lot to himself.  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 11/26/2021 6:55 pm : link
Here is a novel concept...throw the ball at the dude we shelled out $ to. Insane, I know.
Toth029 : 11/26/2021 7:49 pm : link
I think with Judge's response, he finds a way to get KG the ball a lot.
broadbandz : 11/26/2021 11:28 pm : link
Garretts pre-snap read offense made sure Golladay was just a decoy on 90 percent of plays. Blows my mind that this dude was calling plays in the nfl in the yr 2021.
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