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Post-Game Transcript: Safety Julian Love

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/28/2021 9:19 pm

Safety Julian Love

Q: After all you went through last week – bad game in Tampa, the shakeup, three wins in 10 games, how much did you guys need this?

A: We needed it bad, obviously. But not just for a win in the column, but to just set a standard for who we are as a team. I think we've been preaching that we want to be a physical, tough, resilient team and I think that showed today in a lot of ways. We're happy how we recovered.

Q: You lost a couple of guys to injuries throughout the game, so you had (Cornerback) Aaron Robinson playing in a key moment. He missed all of training camp, most of the season and it seemed like he stepped up. What did it say about him and what did you see from him today?

A: Yeah, I think Aaron's a quiet guy, normally. But underneath, he really plays with a lot of swagger and energy. I think he did a great job today of stepping up in a big way. We mixed some things up for sure and that's crazy for a guy, like you said, who wasn't in camp, who didn't play a lot this season yet. I'm so proud of that guy and he does everything the right way. So yeah, we really love to see that from him.

Q: On the pass near the end zone to (Eagles Wide Receiver Jalen) Reagor at the very end, what did you see on that?

A: We were in man coverage and as soon as I saw out of the corner of my eye (Eagles Quarterback Jalen) Hurts kind of drop back, I took off to the corner of the end zone hoping for a tipped ball and, of course, I got one and didn't come up with it. As I'm running back, I see Aaron stride for stride with him and, of course, he made a great play and defended it well. Obviously, I want to come down with that, but we got the win.

Q: Did Reagor drop it or did Aaron bat it away?

A: No, Aaron was definitely in there. I think just applying pressure.

Q: I think he's talking on the very last play.

A: Oh, the very last one. That was a heart-stopping play, that last one. Different than the previous one. That was a heart-stopping play and I think he just played through it and he was applying pressure all game and sometimes that accumulates. So yeah, Reagor didn't come down with that one at the end, thankfully. So yeah, that's just applying pressure by Aaron all game.

Q: You guys have obviously been here in this rivalry and you've seen (Eagles Running Back) Boston Scott on the other side turn into (Hall of Fame Running Back) Barry Sanders. What did you see on the fumble? In that situation, were you thinking game over, this is it?

A: So obviously being here, it was me and Pep (Safety Jabrill Peppers) the past three years who have been there and Pep not being around or he's recovering, I was trying to tell everybody, this guy, he's sneaky. Boston Scott's a sneaky player and you might not be able to see it on tape, but he has some great balance control and so we really had to apply pressure to him and obviously he had some runs today that we would want to correct. But in that play where he fumbled, that's (Defensive Lineman) Dex Lawrence. 'Sexy Dexy' making a great play, coming across, just being relentless in his effort like he always is. Yeah, it's like he tossed me the ball. Thankfully, I caught that one.

Q: On the sidelines, were the guys talking about you have to do it again. Did you expect to go back out there?

A: I think we were fully expecting we couldn't relax and so I think everyone was catching their breath because we knew we were going to have to go out and finish it like we have done in previous years. It always comes down to that last possession with these guys.

Q: What did you do specifically that made things and life so difficult for Jalen Hurts today? You guys really seemed to have him off his game.

A: Obviously, he's pretty dangerous running the ball and they're finding that in their offense. With us, we just tried to play physical, just play straight up and kind of make him throw the ball, so to speak. He got some runs obviously, but when it comes down to crucial passing situations, I thought we handled him well. So that was part of the plan and guys executed. Like you said, we had a circling defensive backfield today and we were all over the place in terms of positions. So that's a testament to how great we are in that back end to really make things happen.

Q: Was there a sense that if you did make him throw the ball that you were going to be able to make that many interceptions, that many takeaways?

A: He's very talented, but we wanted him to beat us throwing. Obviously, he had some great runs, which we want to be better on. But in terms of defending the pass, I thought we did a good job.

Q: A lot of the attention coming out of Monday's game was on the offense. Obviously, they made the coaching change. What was the defensive mindset coming into today after that game?

A: Man, we knew it was going to be a dog fight. We knew what Philly has been doing in previous weeks. They've been kind of getting their stride. Coming out of Tampa, we knew we could've played better on defense. We played solid. We knew we could take the next step and we knew we were going to have to this game, so that was our mindset going into it and through the entirety of the game. Just really getting after it, especially versus their offense.
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