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Transcript: Quarterback Jake Fromm

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/3/2021 3:50 pm
Quarterback Jake Fromm

Q: How crazy of a week has this been?

A: It's been a little crazy, but it's been fun. Honestly, just super excited to be here. I'm out here at practice, but it's just football, just trying to help out any way I can.

Q: Where were you when you found out you got signed?

A: We had just got done with walk thru. Heard about it on the sideline and a lot changed right after that.

Q: How much different is this system than what was run in Buffalo?

A: I mean, it's a little different. At the end of the day, a lot of football is still football. A lot of guys getting into the same spots, just different terminology, learning a slightly different language and just trying to pick up on it and trying to learn as fast as I can and be able to help out any way I can.

Q: I guess the wrist band helps in eliminating some of the terminology.

A: Yes and no. Maybe some signals here and there, but read it off, get everybody, all 11 guys doing one thing and try to accomplish one goal. That's winning a football game.

Q: I didn't realize the Bills have played the Dolphins twice already. Have they been picking your brain about those guys?

A: Yeah, I've been trying to help them out in the QB room. Just trying to share what I do know just from being on the sideline and playing them twice. Yeah, trying to help out.

Q: The biggest game of your life I assume, (Dolphins Quarterback) Tua (Tagovailoa) was on the other side in that Georgia vs. Alabama 2018 Championship game. I'm curious, how often do you still think about that game? Does it haunt you in any way the way you came off the bench there?

A: No, it doesn't haunt me in any way. Obviously, wish it would have turned out a little differently. It was a great play by them. It was a great game. Would have meant a lot to me and the state of Georgia, but you know, can't change the past and just excited to be here now and look forward to the game.

Q: In Georgia North?

A: That's right, yeah. It feels like home here. Got a lot of guys in the locker room. It does feel like home.

Q: What were you working on in Buffalo to try to get on the field or get in uniform? What did they have you working on?

A: For me, it was just learn as much as you can about the game of football. Learning about defenses, just learning about the scheme we were running and practicing and making all the throws too. Doing stuff extra before and after practice. Just trying to be ready whenever that opportunity or moment would happen.

Q: You've obviously played a lot of football, but as a backup you're a play away. Is this something where you sit there and go, 'yikes?'

A: No, no I don't go that. I look at it as more of an opportunity to get really excited about. Obviously hope nothing does happen, but I just want to be ready if that ever does happen and try to help this team win a football game.

Q: When you signed here, did they tell you that there's a pretty good chance you're going to be dressed and ready to roll on Sunday?

A: Yeah, they did tell me that and from then on, just hey, let's go be ready and try to learn as much as I can and help out. Let's go.

Q: How many coaches did you know here prior to coming?

A: There are a bunch of them that I do know, and it's been honestly just great to see familiar faces and it really does feel like home in a way.

Q: I know you have your head down and focused to do the job, but a week ago you were essentially the fourth quarterback on practice squad, never knowing when they'd call you in, versus now you're going into a game with a new team, and you might be one play away from being the quarterback and making your NFL debut. Do you think about that at all or is it just focused straight ahead?

A: Yeah, I mean, you think about what can happen, but honestly, the focus for me these last two days has just been learning as much as I can about this offense, this system and how we do things here. It's just been an awesome opportunity. I'm blessed to be here and I'm super excited about it.

Q: This is your first regular season that you're dressing for in the NFL. What is that like? You haven't been dressed for a football game outside of preseason games during the season since college, so what is that going to be like to actually be in it?

A: We'll find out. Honestly, it's going to be a dream come true. I'm super excited about it. I'll be ready to go, and it'll be fun.
Get ready  
Jimmy Googs : 12/3/2021 6:34 pm : link
your chance may be coming sooner than you think.

Go Dawgs
I would let him play.  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 12/3/2021 6:35 pm : link
Fuck it.
Unless it's a close game  
Eli Wilson : 12/3/2021 6:51 pm : link
I'd imagine they'll throw him in there.

Seems like a great kid.
Don’t expect too much. The Giants don’t. They gave him number 17 !!!  
Ivan15 : 12/3/2021 6:57 pm : link
RE: I would let him play.  
Sean : 12/3/2021 7:06 pm : link
In comment 15478448 SFGFNCGiantsFan said:
Fuck it.

Agreed. Nothing to lose. He’s a lottery ticket, at least scratch it off. Look at Heinicke for WFT, he was a UDFA.
I really like this kids responses  
Batenhorst7 : 12/4/2021 10:18 am : link
He is not nervous about getting in there

He relishes the chance to play

He seeks the opportunity and says it will be "fun"

Great Great Attitude

In the end this is not serious business....its a GAME
Have FUN Jake

If you get the chance make it a happening
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