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Will Giant defenders play hard every down for the remainder

M.S. : 12/6/2021 11:08 am

of the season, or decide on occasion that discretion is the better part of valor, and begin to make "healthier choices" when need be?

I could see it happening with this offense driving on four flat tires.

I'd think the ones who want  
Bill in UT : 12/6/2021 11:16 am : link
to be on this team next year will play hard. The rest, good riddance
RE: I'd think the ones who want  
section125 : 12/6/2021 11:18 am : link
In comment 15483670 Bill in UT said:
to be on this team next year will play hard. The rest, good riddance

I also think the defense has some pride and even those who wish to leave better show their next team they are worthy of a contract.
Those fighting for jobs will  
anon837 : 12/6/2021 11:44 am : link
They are auditioning for next season. If they don't stay with the Giants, they want to show game film of 100 percent effort as well as productivity.
Most of them will play hard  
dpinzow : 12/6/2021 12:44 pm : link
contracts aren't fully guaranteed in the NFL and anyone can get cut in any offseason. If contracts were fully guaranteed, then we'd see more players make "business decisions"
The guys in the Secondary play so far off their opponents  
Jimmy Googs : 12/6/2021 12:48 pm : link
it will be tough to tell if they are dogging it...
Sunday will probably look that way..  
BillKo : 12/6/2021 1:46 pm : link
..because the Giants are going to have a hard time operating on the offensive side of the bar.

But the team does appear to be trying to me on defense.

I doubt the give up. And JJ better hope they don't because it probably seals his fate with a new GM.
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