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Transcript: Running Back Gary Brightwell

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/8/2021 5:31 pm
Running Back Gary Brightwell

Q: What's it like to be back here?

A: Honestly, it feels good to be back. This is like my second home, so just being back, smelling the air coming from that cold air, it's good.

Q: You've been an NFL player for a few months now, how would you describe what the experience has been like?

A: I can honestly say it's way different than college. You know you've got to bring it every day. I'm thinking I'm coming in to like a cake walk, but really it was nothing like it. You've got to grind every day, day by day to earn a spot, to earn a name.

Q: Is that what you really felt when you came in? You're a draft pick of the Giants, you figure they've got a spot for you and they'll find a place for you to play and that kind of stuff?

A: I mean any player coming in that gets drafted, they're going to think, 'Yeah, I've got a spot.' But it's not that way. You've still got to work, day in, day out because if you don't, you're going the next day. I mean, probably the next minute, honestly.

Q: When you look back and think, did you think at this point you'd have more carries, more touches, you'd be more involved than you are right now?

A: I'm not even worrying about that right now. I'm just focused on getting some more wins, keep doing my job and honestly, if I do that, things are going to come.

Q: How much of your teammates have asked you this week about places to go, places to stay, places to eat, all that kind of stuff?

A: I get a new question every second. Whenever we get some free time, I get a new question because I'm probably the only one who's familiar with the area.

Q: What's the best questions you've gotten so far?

A: Where to get a haircut.

Q: Really?

A: Yeah, that was the main question that I keep getting, 'Where can I get a haircut? Where can I get a haircut?'

Q: And what did you tell them?

A: I tell them my barber, Glen. He's right down the street near Park Place, so they can go there and get chopped up.

Q: Glen's your guy?

A: Yeah.

Q: Was there a moment where you realized, 'Hey, this is different than college'? Did someone get cut or did something happen to you where you're like, 'This is going to be hard'?

A: Yeah, there are a few moments. That's every day. One of my recent moments that I realized this is way different than college is the competition. No matter what position you play on the field, the competition is real. You could be a kicker for instance, the competition is real. You never know what you're going to expect or get. Every week it's something new.

Q: What was your experience like dealing with COVID when you had to miss time and stuff like that? How tough was that?

A: It wasn't tough at all because I really didn't have any symptoms.

Q: So you were just away from the team?

A: Yeah, I just was away from the team. That's pretty much it.

Q: Does your rookie year experience kind of mostly being a special teamer, does it remind you of your freshman year here at all?

A: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. It definitely reminds me of my freshman year. It's just trying to get my name again just like my freshman year. So, I've just been working day in, day out, waiting patient.

Q: What was it like pulling up here on the bus?

A: I don't know. It's always good to be back on campus. Especially like I said, this is my second home, so every day I pull up and am like, 'Damn, I'm back.'

Q: Have you been able to see any of your Arizona teammates and give them any advice or anything as they're trying to go to the next level?

A: Yeah, I see most of them every day that I'm in the facility and then I hang out with some of them when I leave just to build that bond that we already have.

Q: Does what you've done so far with the Giants make you think, 'I can do this,' that next year I can come back or at the end of this year and find a place?

A: I never had a doubt in my mind that I couldn't do it because if I did, I probably wouldn't even still be here, especially as a late rounder. Every day I wake up, I know it's something different. I work on one thing at a time. I haven't even been looking forward to carries yet. I've just been working on one thing at a time.

Q: When they drafted you there was a lot of talk about your ability to play special teams. Is that a role that you've just embraced? Did they tell you, 'Hey, this going to be kind of your main thing at least as a rookie'?

A: I embraced the role even when I was in college, like even my senior year I was still embracing that role. After my career, I want to become a special teams coach, so that should tell you how I feel about special teams.

Q: What's your relationship like with the other guys in the running back room?

A: Oh, it's a great relationship. It's a lot of great guys in that room. That's the best way I can put it. It's never a dull moment.

Q: What's the biggest thing you've learned from those guys, the veterans in that room?

A: Basically, how to watch film and maintain information. Like I knew how to watch film before, but now it's the pros, so I've got to maintain this information because like I said, you go against great competition every week, so you never know what to expect. They taught me how to just look out for this and watch for this.

Q: Off that, what was the reaction when you guys watched that (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) jump, spin move? Have you ever seen that before? What was the reaction from you guys when you're looking at that on film?

A: We thought it was a great move. There was no big reaction. Great move. I mean, great players do great things.
I'd really hoped to see more...  
BamaBlue : 12/8/2021 5:36 pm : link
of Brightwell on offense. I suppose his blocking is holding him back (not that it's a drawback for Barkley's playing time).
why is he even being interviewed lol  
Platos : 12/8/2021 7:07 pm : link
i mean really
The transcript is longer than his yards gained ;-)  
Marty in Albany : 12/8/2021 11:49 pm : link
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