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Transcript: Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/15/2021 4:38 pm
Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Q: Have you talked to (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones) lately and how's he feeling?

A: In passing, kind of here and there. I don't really speak about that type of stuff, I don't know what people are going through or how much it's affecting him. I just ask him is he okay, just keep it basic, things like that.

Q: If you don't have (Defensive Lineman) Leonard (Williams) next to you, how does that kind of change things up a little?

A: Honestly, he's an impact player. Obviously, it would be great to have him out there, but you know it's the next man up. We all train. We're all professionals, so we should all be ready when our number is called.

Q: Can you also talk a little bit about the job (Defensive Lineman) Austin's (Johnson) done on the defense?

A: Austin's been playing amazing this year. Like I said, we've got to have that mentality of the next man up. We've all been training in the dojo we call it. It's just a next man up mentality.

Q: It's pretty unusual, I mean Leonard never misses any time, does he?

A: No.

Q: Even not practicing with him, is it a little disconcerting almost?

A: He's had a vet day or something like that, so practice is practice. It's just things that I've got to step up and be a leader and take command of the d-line.

Q: What does that mean? If he can't play on Sunday and you said, 'I have to step up,' what does that entail?

A: Just like take command. Go wreck the game, do what I've been doing, keep playing well and just help the defense communicate better. Keep it going, keep it flowing.

Q: What's the challenge of just taking on the Cowboys and what (Cowboys Quarterback) Dak Prescott can do?

A: Honestly, they have a really balanced attack. Just being disciplined, holding our keys, disguising some things. Make it challenging for the offense.

Q: (Cowboys Owner) Jerry Jones says they're in a slump, what do you see?

A: I think they're playing pretty well. I guess that's what he sees, but I think they're playing pretty well and they're going to be ready to play us for sure.

Q: You've been around here long enough to know what the Cowboys means something, if you guys can't do what you want to do this season as far as in the standings, can a team play spoiler against someone like the Cowboys?

A: Division games in the East, the NFC East, they're all big. They're all kind of rivalry games. They all mean a lot for the area and for the organization. To win any game, but especially these games, are big.

Q: What do you expect the atmosphere to be like on Sunday because Cowboys fans travel well?

A: Yeah, they do. Just like every other game, loud when we're on defense and just exciting.

Q: The last time you played them they pretty much put up some good points, is there any carryover from that game? What did you learn?

A: Just not having as many mental errors as we did that game. Just playing to our techniques and our keys. Striking with our hands and getting off the ball and getting off the field.

Q: Does that leave a bad taste in your mouth when they put up 44?

A: If any team scores a point, it's always something bad that happens. We've got to get those corrected from watching some tape.

Q: When you look at Dak Prescott, he's had some struggles. He hasn't quite been as sharp as he has. What's changed with him or is it just one of those things?

A: I'm not quite in his head or over there feeling his body or anything like that, so I can't answer that question.

Q: But do you see something on film, maybe is he rushing passes? Is he doing anything differently than he was?

A: He looks good to me. Obviously, we all have an off game or stuff like that, but he's looking pretty solid.

Q: How would you assess how you've played this year?

A: I feel like I've gotten better week by week. Continuing to try to wreck games and take over games myself. It's kind of been my goal throughout the year. I challenge myself to lead the defense and just to try to take over the game.

Q: People after your rookie year kind of looked at you and said, 'this is a guy who's going to be a perennial Pro Bowler.' You haven't been mentioned in that group of interior defensive linemen to this point in this season. How have you done based on your own expectations?

A: In my eyes, I'm playing hard every play. I'm giving it my all. I'm making plays. I've just got to be more consistent, and I've still got a lot to prove.

Q: To that end, you mentioned take over games – I know it's not necessarily your job and your position, you take on a lot of run defense, but is there anything you can do to get more sacks because that's what really takes over games?

A: Just continuing to rush, continuing to get there quicker. That's kind of been my thing, trying to get there a little quicker, so that's the goal.

Q: You mentioned how division games are always big, just with the way the season's played out, if you do have a strong finish, how does that impact the season overall? Does it? Do you look to 2022?

A: Yeah, I really have no idea. My mindset is week by week, that's how I've always been wired. However, it unfolds, it unfolds. I'm just trying to win the next game.­­­
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