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Transcript: Cornerback James Bradberry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/16/2021 4:07 pm
Cornerback James Bradberry

Q: Are you surprised you didn't get COVID?

A: No, I'm not surprised. I drink a lot of water, so I'm hoping that helps me fight off COVID (laughs).

Q: It is crazy. You guys could be pretty thin back there this week. How do you survive?

A: Just line up, take one snap at a time. Prepare during the week and go out there and just play.

Q: Say these guys aren't going to be able to play and you've got a bunch of young guys back there with you who don't usually play much. As sort of the established veteran, what are the challenges for you of getting everybody on the same page?

A: It's definitely a challenge because you've got new guys that are going to be out there, so it's going to be kind of their first experience out there in front of the huge crowd. And also, they've been thrown into the fire with all the play calls and stuff going on, trying to read the formation. I just try to prepare them, try to help them out. We're giving them tendencies and tips as much as possible, but at the end of the day you've just got to go out there and play.

Q: Can you see on the field what I guess we all expect to happen, have you seen this happen where the other quarterback will just line up and say, 'Okay, 24 has never played before. I'm going to throw it at him every single play,' basically? Obviously not 24, but you know what I mean?

A: Have I ever seen it? I don't think I've ever been a part of that. Most of the time, I line up on the number one receiver and I get most of the targets, so that's what I'm used to.

Q: Do you think that's still going to happen? Why would they throw at you?

A: They've got a lot of receivers, you know? They can pick and choose whoever they want to throw at. Just based off of the coverage that we give them and the look, he's going to pick and choose who he wants to go at.

Q: You mentioned the number of receivers they have, so does that make it even more of a challenge to go into this game short-handed in your secondary against a team that has got so many different guys?

A: If we had all our guys healthy, I think it would be a challenge for us either way, so it's definitely a challenge when you don't have all your guys. They have an explosive offense and we're going to prepare. We're going to go out here and practice hard and go out there to play on Sunday.

Q: Is it hard not to hang your heads a little bit knowing just given how you guys aren't getting results right now?

A: I would definitely say it's hard, but you've got to just wake up and put one foot in front of the other and attack the day. I just try to win the day, try to get a little bit better every day and whatever cards you're dealt with on Sunday play with them.

Q: Is it starting to feel like last year as far as the way COVID's being approached and all that?

A: I would definitely say you see an increase later on in the year of the COVID numbers, kind of like last year. I would say it kind of has the same effect, but that's kind of how it is around the holidays and stuff, people traveling and whatnot.

Q: You mentioned a big crowd, you're still somewhat new to this rivalry but Giants-Cowboys, like when one team is playing for something and the other team isn't, the other team's fans usually invade the other stadium. So like Giants go to Dallas when you guys are really good, vice versa, a lot of Cowboys fans expected here. Does that bother players, like if this becomes an away game basically because there are so many Cowboys fans here?

A: No, I don't think it's going to bother us. It's a brotherhood when we're out there. I try not to think about the fans and the outside atmosphere of what's going on, then what's going on on the field. I just try to lineup and play ball, get my assignment, look at my keys and then go from there.

Q: Any frustrations as a defense, like you kind of have to play a perfect game to win right now?

A: It's definitely hard to play perfect, I'll say that. We expect elite play and perfect play from us as defenders. It's definitely tough to go out there and play a perfect game. You just try to go out there and try to win every rep. That's why I say you've got to take one snap at a time. You can't think too far ahead, and you can't ever think about the past because it might affect that play at hand, so just try to stay in the present.

Q: What's good about what (Cornerback) Jarren Williams does? He's a young player, what do you think makes him an effective young player?

A: I think he just has that chip on his shoulder. He's a small school guy. He's eager to get out there and make a play. This would be like, I think this would be his second start, right? So he's definitely ready to get out there and go play. I think just having that chip on his shoulder, that eagerness to go out there, that helps out a lot with just making plays, just calming those nerves and whatnot.

Q: With all the injuries and COVID, probably nobody's expecting you guys to do anything Sunday. Does that motivate you guys at all?

A: We expect a lot from our guys. I know we're down on numbers and whatnot, but we still expect to go out there and compete. That's what this game is about, is going out there and competing. It isn't really about anything else other than going out there and playing against another guy and trying to win, so that's what we're going to try to do.

Q: When you signed here obviously, part of the reward is getting a bunch of money, but you probably assumed that this team was going to become competitive at some point. Obviously, you guys have not been over the last couple of years, so how eager are you to start winning next year? You know what I mean, like actually producing results, trying to go get a championship?

A: I'm very eager to win. It sucks when you're losing. I think nobody wants to win more than us as players in there. That's what we do every week. We only get 17 weeks to go out there and play and I try to take one week at a time and try to improve myself, so I can be the best player I can for the team so that we can win. If I'm not doing my part, then I can't expect anything outside of what I'm able to control. I just try to control what I can control, go out there and play and try to get a win.
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