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Post-Game Transcript: Quarterback Jake Fromm

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/19/2021 6:57 pm
Quarterback Jake Fromm

Q: Obviously it was a loss, but how did it feel to get out there for the first time, and how did you feel like your drive went?

A: Obviously, it was really fun to get out there. It kind of checked the list, checked the box there a little bit. I got to complete a childhood dream and got to play in an NFL game. It was awesome, just the ability to go out there with the guys. There are some new guys, I'm new. It was just fun to be able to get out, move the ball a little bit, try to compete, and give us a chance to win there at the end.

Q: When did you actually find out you were going in? Like, had you been preparing earlier, or did you find out right before that drive?

A: I was just trying to stay prepared throughout the whole game. I didn't know if I was going in at any particular time. I was just trying to stay ready. They told me there late in the fourth quarter, 'Hey, you're up.' I was just trying to get ready and try to make something happen.

Q: They said in the broadcast that you've probably learned like 60 percent of the offense. Like, you've only been here a couple of weeks. Do you think that's accurate?

A: I don't know, it's tough to say. For me, it's just understanding a week-to-week game plan. Obviously, there's carryover, and there's stuff you take in and out. For me, it's just let's go learn a game plan. Let's go learn 100 to 200 plays a week and just go try to execute.

Q: It seemed like one of your strategies was to throw the ball to (Wide Receiver) Kenny Golladay. Was that what the looks were dictating, or was that, 'Hey, let's get my best player involved'?

A: A little bit of both. Obviously, the play is called, you get a certain look, and you say, 'Hey, let's go give our guy a chance.' Kenny did a great job of going up and making a play. That's what you got to do, you got to give playmakers the ball.

Q: Was this week any different for you in practice? Did you get more reps in practice? Like, was there anything different that told you might play in this game?

A: About the same. You get some chances, you get some good reps. For me, it's just staying mentally involved, trying to get us as many mental reps as I can week-to-week, and just trying to stay prepared.

Q:*Congratulations* on your first completion as an NFL quarterback. What's it like preparing for the two-minute offense when you're still trying to learn the playbook?A: It's a lot of highlighting plays you feel good with and a lot of crossing out stuff that doesn't really make any sense. We had our package, and just it was a good opportunity for us to try and execute the play we had in front of us. I thought the guys did a good job making plays, staying in it, and just really trying to give us a chance there late in the game.

Q: As you got close to the end zone, did you feel like you were rushing it at all? You overthrew a few passes. Were you excited about that last moment?

A: When you get close like that, obviously you want to punch it in and definitely get six, especially in that situation we were in. I was just trying to get shots at the end zone and give us enough time for us to get a drive there after that. There's always some plays you want back. Obviously, I just wish we would have executed there, got into the end zone, and got six.

Q: You probably just met (Wide Receiver) Sterling Shepherd a couple weeks ago, but how bad did you feel for him there? It looked pretty ugly from up here.

A: Man, I think everybody is a little tore up inside on that one. I really hate it for Shep. From what I've seen and what I've learned from him, he's one of the hardest workers on the team. I just hate it for him. He's really got a lot of life and a lot of leadership there on the offensive side, so we're going to miss him. I hate it for him, and there will definitely be a lot of prayers going up for him, and I wish him the best.
Love this guy  
Batenhorst7 : 12/20/2021 8:19 am : link
Love his abilities and he says the right things

its all about winning not him as an individual

This he shares with Jones but little else

Fromm is a much more polished player and individual

Jones always looks mad at the world.....and he trys too hard
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