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Post-Game Transcript: Linebacker Lorenzo Carter

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/19/2021 6:59 pm
Linebacker Lorenzo Carter

Q: Lorenzo, we just heard that Sterling [Giants WR Sterling Shepard] ruptured his Achilles heel, which is obviously what you went through last year. Did you say anything to him and what lies ahead for him?

A: No, I haven't had a chance to speak to him, but my prayers are with him. It's a long process, but I know my guy has it in him. He's going to come back stronger than ever.

Q: For you, obviously by far your most productive game of the season today. Why do you think so?

A: I think we just had a game plan and came in and executed it pretty well. We had to try to fake Dak [Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott] as much as possible, and we did. He's a good player, he still made plays, but we tried to do our part in still keeping pressure on him.

Q: Lorenzo, for you guys, the longest pass for the Cowboys today was 19 yards. They ran the ball some, but not devastatingly. Did it get a little frustrating knowing that you were holding them to field goals and holding them down and at some points having to take a short field and just couldn't get over the hump? How tough is that?

A: It doesn't get frustrating; we just have to be ready to go out there and make stops. Our job is to stop them no matter where they get the ball; we have to stop them and hold them to no points or as few points as possible. We just didn't do that enough and make enough turnovers. We have to get the ball off of guys and just try to do our part to help the team win.

Q: You had two quarterback sacks. What was your motivation today? Was it because this is your biggest rivalry?

A: Yeah; I would say it was just to come out here and get a win. My motivation every week is to come out and have a good week of practice, work hard during the week and come out here and execute game plans. It's just to try and come out and help the team as much as possible and try to get a win at the end of the day.

Q: How about Leonard Williams? Originally last week, we thought he might be done for the season and then he plays pretty much his full snap count. What does that say about him and what you saw from him out there?

A: Yeah, that's our defense; guys are going to fight. Guys are going to fight this stuff. I went up to him personally after the game, to both he and A.J. [Giants DL Austin Johnson], both of them are fighting through injuries and they played their hearts out. That's all we can ask for and that's all that we can continue to ask for and what the coaches ask for. That's what we are going to keep doing.

Q: What did it do to the defense with all of the guys out in the secondary? It seemed like you had to play base defense more and schematic-wise what did it do when you don't have so many guys in the secondary?

A: Guys stepped up. It doesn't matter what guys we have, we all know our job as a defense is to limit points and everybody has to step it up. It doesn't matter when a guy goes down, the next guy is going to answer the call and that's what I love about this team.
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