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Monday Transcript: Offensive Tackle Andrew Thomas

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/20/2021 6:02 pm
Offensive Tackle Andrew Thomas

Q: We just got the news, I'm sure you did too today about (Quarterback) Daniel Jones being shut down for the rest of the season. What did you see from him this year? What did you see from him last year to make you think he's your quarterback? How hard is it to lose your starting quarterback for such a long period of time?

A: Daniel is a very talented quarterback, very hard working and a good leader for us. It sucks not being able to finish out the season with him, but definitely you want him to take his health seriously and make sure he's 100 percent before he steps back on the field.

Q: Is it the kind of thing that you're an offensive lineman, you've got to block for whoever's back there, but week to week you're wondering, 'is Daniel going to play? Is he not going to play?' Does this at least bring some clarity to it that you know he's not going to be around?

A: We prepare the same every week. We have the next man up mentality, like we've had the same issue on the offensive line. We've had a lot of injuries, myself being down, some other guys, so our mentality is just whoever's in, do whatever we can to perform the best for the team.

Q: What's the mood of the locker room? What is the mood of the team like today knowing that the starting quarterback is not going to play again this year?

A: It's definitely something you're not excited about, but we still have a game to play – a division opponent coming up this week, a road game. We know what we have to do and the work we have to put in to be prepared for that game.

Q: How'd you think your buddy (Quarterback) Jake (Fromm) did yesterday?

A: I think Jake did good for coming in in a short amount of time that he had.

Q: How much did you almost expect that this was going to be the outcome with Daniel? Did you kind of have to think about it that way considering he was not playing at the time?

A: I didn't know much about the situation with the doctors and like the diagnosis and things of that nature. In my mind, I trust the trainers and the coaches and their decision for whenever he was going to come back. But obviously, he's not, so like I said earlier, I just wish him the best getting healthy.

Q: What did you learn about him in your one and a half years playing with him?

A: He's just one of the hardest workers I know. He loves the game. He loves his teammates, and he goes all out for us, so that's why we try to do our best for him.

Q: (Offensive Line) Coach (Rob) Sale said last week that you're really battling through the foot and the ankle injuries and all that. How healthy are you at this point and how important is it to you to finish the season out as well as you can?

A: I'm doing everything I can as far as a rehab standpoint with the trainers and doing everything I can just to be my best on Sundays. For the rest of the season, just trying to continue to build every week. There are things that I go back and watch and things I want to correct, so just doing the best I can in practice to correct those things.
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