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Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/22/2021 2:44 pm
Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: What have these last few weeks been like for you and then what was it like when you heard the news you were officially shut down?

A: I think it's always tough to miss games and miss time. These last few weeks have been tough. Obviously, you want to be out there. You want to be playing. I was doing everything I could to give myself a chance to get back out there. Obviously, frustrating, but trying to find ways to help and help the quarterbacks, help our offense and contribute.

Q: Do you have any concerns on how this will affect your long-term outlook?

A: No, I don't. I think from all conversations with doctors and our medical staff here, going forward I think it's something that's going to heal. It's just kind of like a timing thing and unfortunately, (I) kind of ran out of time this season. That's disappointing and frustrating, but it's part of this game and something I've got to deal with, but I don't have any concerns long term.

Q: You say timing issue, do you think that if you guys had the chance to make the playoffs or were going to be in the playoffs that there would be a possibility that you would've been able to return if that were the case?

A: I do think it was something that's going to take some time. I think if there was more time if it was earlier in the season – yeah if there was more time, I think I would have a better chance of coming, a good chance of coming back. Like I said, it's disappointing and frustrating to miss games, to miss any game, and certainly this many.

Q: This is a hypothetical but if they told you your scan looks good; would you feel ready to play? Would you say, 'man, it still hurts, it's still bothering me'? Are there any limitations that you're feeling right now?

A: I'd certainly be ready to play. I think if I got the okay and the clearance from the doctors, I'd certainly be ready to play. I didn't get that, so –

Q: Do you feel it? What's going on? Do you feel something?

A: I think that's the deal. I think it's kind of day to day in what I'm doing – throwing, running, lifting weights. I don't have any issues doing that. I think it's certain positions and tests that doctors do and look for that are still problematic.

Q: So, there's some range of motion or things like that?

A: I think range of motion's fine. I think symptoms in certain positions, and I feel good.

Q: Is there anything you can't do? Is there anything you can't do on the field like when you were out there?

A: Just contact.

Q: But nothing like throws or anything you –

A: Yeah, I have no problem throwing or running or lifting or anything like that.

Q: Now that you've played your last game this year, do you think you improved this season? How do you measure your Daniel Jones' specific season?

A: Well, we didn't win enough games. I think that's the most important thing as I evaluate myself going forward. I do feel like I improved as a player. I think I've made progress and played well at times and obviously not well enough plenty too because we didn't play well enough. We didn't win games. That's the most important thing I think as I evaluate myself and look to work on things going into the offseason.

Q: That first week when you were injured and then you practiced on a limited basis, right? It seemed like, 'all right, he's making progress.' Were you surprised that it didn't get better quicker?

A: I don't know. I think initially when I got hurt, it was something I felt like I'd be able to get over fairly quickly. It didn't work out that way, so that's disappointing. When I spoke then and, in those weeks, I always had the expectation to come back and play. That part's disappointing but it didn't work out that way. Like I said, my job now is to contribute to help this offense prepare, help the quarterbacks prepare and get ready to play.

Q: One thing that's been tough is that everything's kind of been vague. No one knows exactly what is going on, do you care to clarify or share sort of what is?

A: It's a neck sprain and I trust what the doctors are saying, and I've got to do my best to listen to them and continue to work through it.

Q: How much of a relief is it that there is no surgery required that you know of right now?

A: I think that's a huge relief. I think any time you're dealing with your neck or something like that, you want to be smart and cautious. Certainly, relieved there's no surgery.

Q: When people talk about sprains, like an ankle or something, there's always some swelling. Is it some swelling that is the thing that hasn't cleared up?

A: Yeah, I think there's some swelling there. With most injuries, you're going to have some kind of swelling around there. It's that and just I'm still having symptoms in certain positions like we spoke about.

Q: I think (Head Coach Joe) Judge told us you self-reported what you were feeling. As a player, is it hard that you want to stay on the field but you also like want to do the right thing? What was that process like of wondering whether it was serious enough to actually say something and why did you decide to do it?

A: Well, after the game a few weeks ago, it was pretty sore and didn't have a great range of motion. I knew there was something up with my neck and I think if it's ever obvious to you something's wrong with your neck, it's probably smart to say something. I did, but if at any time you get injured, you're reporting your symptoms and talking to doctors trying to get it right. That was the approach.

Q: I assume this is your first pretty serious neck injury since playing football. Do you think this maybe will affect some of the things you will do next year as far as running or anything like that? Maybe will you be a little bit more cautious or whatever it might be knowing that you had a neck issue?

A: I don't think it'll dramatically change that. I think that's part of what our offense does. It's part of what I feel like I can do. I think we've talked about being smart and going down, going down earlier, protecting myself, protecting the ball. I think those are things I'll continue to work on and certainly emphasized by this.

Q: So, do you feel in your head at all next year when you come back and you feel as far as previous neck injury and all that?

A: I don't think it'll be a concern.

Q: In the short time that he's been here, what have you seen out of (Quarterback) Jake (Fromm) and what are you trying to do specifically to try to help him?

A: I think he's a smart guy. He's picked up the offense very quickly. You can tell he studies hard and has done a great job. (I'm) continuing to work with and doing what I can to help him and all the quarterbacks as we prepare.

Q: Joe said Monday that as far as he's concerned, you've shown enough to merit being back next year as a starter and down the road in the future. Have you heard that and if so, what is your reaction to those comments?

A: Well, I think as we go forward and into next year, we've all got to do a better job. Like I said, we didn't win enough games. We've got three important games to finish the season that obviously I won't be playing in, but I feel like I can contribute and help prepare. We've all got to work to improve to make sure we're moving forward as a team and in a better position next year. I think the best way we're going to do that right now is finishing this season strong and making sure we are prepared and play our best ball these last three weeks.

Q: Have they said anything to you though about their desire to have you as the starting quarterback again next year?

A: I've spoken to Joe and we've had conversations about that, but like I said, I think there's things that I need to improve on. There's things he expects me to improve on going forward. I understand that and obviously take that very seriously. That's kind of my approach.
Just guessing here but  
Mondo : 12/22/2021 4:14 pm : link
Possibly has a small fracture in his neck that won't need surgery unless it's disturbed.
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