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Transcript: Defensive Back Logan Ryan

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/23/2021 4:18 pm
Defensive Back Logan Ryan

Q: Finally get to play the Eagles.

A: I do, yeah. Finally get to play them. It was one we played well defensively last game, so hopefully we can pick up where we left off there. The guys played great that day defensively and we're going to try to reciprocate that.

Q: Obviously, we were just talking to (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) a minute ago and I just asked about that New Orleans game. It just seemed like he was back to the dynamic Saquon that everybody saw before all the injuries started hitting him. What do you remember of that and did you think that was kind of a take-off point for him? Obviously, he gets the ankle after that.

A: I don't know if it's a point to reflect right now. Saquon is, to me, a dynamic player when he has the ball in in his hands. He makes moves a lot of guys in the league can't make. He's very elusive, he's a tough tackle. He does acrobatic things with the ball, so I just think that was a glimpse of it when it was clicking for him and our team. I think that's still there for sure. I see it in practice. We had fun today competing, so I see it and I think it's there.

Q: (Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator) Pat Graham was saying today joking that he hates holidays during the season because it's a work day. What's it like having a guy run the defense who just doesn't know how to turn it off?

A: Pat is very extreme in that sense. A little Grinch when it comes to those things (laughs), but it's the truth. That's Pat. He works and works and works and that's what he's known for, and it's worked out well for him. I know his wife, Pam, he's got a beautiful family and they have more of a family dynamic and he's a great father than he may let on. I want to see what Pam has to say about that, so maybe we've got to get his wife questioned on that. Pat gives it all for our organization and he's a great family man, too.

Q: You're a union rep. Has this past couple of weeks been crazier with the uptick in COVID and the league talking about canceling games and things like that?

A: Yeah, absolutely. It's been chaos. Last game we had to play a game with (Wide Receiver) Alex Bachman at DB, so everybody's going through it. I know the Eagles are with their head coach. It's crazy times as a father, as a person in society and as a football player. You don't know day in and day out. There's fear, there's stress. We're kind of just playing a game through what we're dealing with. As a union rep, there's a lot that I have to continue to learn and conversate about. There's a call tonight to get an idea of these new protocols and what's best for the players and health and safety, honestly. The protocols are ever-changing, they change them every two days. I've got to constantly keep up to date on those and figure out what's best for our players and represent our vote the right way when I have a chance to vote, but it is times that are very confusing for everybody.

Q: Were you concerned when the league started talking about canceling games? I guess you guys don't get paid if they cancel a game.

A: By rule it's what they say, but it's also you worry about not testing that everyone is just going to have it and not know about it. It's almost like you're choosing between health and safety or getting paid, and those are tough, tough choices for anyone to make. Do I want to sacrifice my health to get paid or do I want to go get paid and sacrifice my health? It may be the health of others, it may be the health of family members and older people and my grandparents and those, so it's a serious conversation. It's not just like if we don't play, we don't get paid. Why is that? Maybe we can vote to change that. So, there's a lot to talk about there. That's a whole other press conference, but I'm just trying to do my due diligence and keeping up to date on the facts so I can be more educated before speaking.

Q: (Head Coach) Joe (Judge) has talked about how he loves the way you guys work. Your account – every one's been kind of bought in. What is it about this group or this program that you think everyone has kind of stayed in engaged in and bought into what's going on?

A: I think he identified players with good character and players that like football regardless of the result. If you like your craft, you're going to go out there and try to work at it. There's only one way to play the game. There's only one way, it's to give it your all and give it your best. It's just hard to really make business decisions and check out. I just don't think that's good for your own health. You're putting other people at risk. You're wasting a lot of peoples' time. There's a lot of people behind the scenes that do a lot of work for us to get us prepared to play and we honor a lot of people when we go out there to play. I think Joe understands, coming from the coaches he's worked under and what he's learned and his philosophies, that there is only one expectation when it comes to preparation. If not, I just don't think you'll be fit for the team. So, I just think he fit the team with guys like that to prepare their best and practice their best regardless of the record or circumstance.

Q: I know you guys don't like to think of spoilers and to be the spoiler, but you're facing a team that last year around this time knocked you guys out of the playoffs. Do you take any of that into this game with a chance to sort of dampen their chances?

A: We're going to try to beat the Eagles. I think the Giants and Eagles is enough there to get everyone riled up to play. It's a great rivalry, it's a rivalry I grew up watching and there's animosity there. There's a lot to play for because it's a football game and honestly there's just passion, there's energy, they have a passionate fan base, we do as well, so there's a lot to represent over this game and that's enough there. Last year, whether they were competing or not, I know we're going to go out there and compete and try to win the game. I'm sure they will, too. Obviously, it's an important game for them, but it's an important game for us, too.

Q: Looking at the standings and the playoff picture, the Giants technically aren't eliminated. Is that even something that's been talked about in the building with the players?

A: Nobody's talking about elimination, everyone's been talking about one game at a time the last couple of weeks. It's just how you've got to approach it. There's one way to play this game and I don't want to compare it to other sports or whatnot, but this is something where truly you don't know your last snap, you don't know your last play. Look at a guy like (Wide Receiver Sterling) Shepard, who has busted his butt all year and came back, had a great training camp, a great offseason, been great when he was playing and don't get out of your stance the last time of the year. You can't take any snap for granted. I know when I was at home with COVID, I was dying to be out there with my guys. I hated missing the game, I just don't like it. I'll be looking forward to giving my best effort this game and helping our team win.
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