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Transcript: Running Back Saquon Barkley

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/29/2021 2:41 pm
Running Back Saquon Barkley

Q: Now that you guys were officially eliminated from the playoffs, as like a leader and a captain, how do you view what your role needs to be over these last two weeks in terms of keeping things on track?

A: We've just got to continue to fight for each other. Obviously, we know the season didn't go the way that we would like it, but we only have two more opportunities left as a team. (Head) Coach (Joe Judge) kind of said it in our squad meeting today, you never know when your last opportunity is going to be, so you've got to try to take advantage of it. Speaking personally, it's something I had to deal with last year missing the whole season, knowing the game can be taken away from you at any moment. With these last two games, starting with Chicago we've got to come out here and fight. That's the kind of got to be the whole theme of the team and for each player.

Q: Why did you decide not to talk after the game on Sunday to us?

A: I'm pretty sure you guys got in contact with our media team. Just the timing of after the game with treatment and everything. Wouldn't have aligned, kind of a similar situation to what happened earlier in the year with Washington as you all know. The next day, the timing wasn't going to happen again. I kind of know that you guys would be able to talk to me Wednesday, so here I am guys.

Q: Any thought in your mind of just being better for you physically and for the team next season if you just take these last two games off?

A: No.

Q: This is the first time you're back in Chicago, is there any thoughts about going back there? Do you sit there and say, 'I hate the field' or whatever?

A: No, I'm not thinking like, 'I hate the field.' I'm excited that I'm healthy enough to be able to go out there and be able to play another game. Like I said, you never know when these are opportunities are going to be taken away from you. That's my whole mindset is cherish these last two games that we have and go out there and try to finish on a high note.

Q: Real quick, we didn't see you out there today. Is this sort of like a maintenance thing with you on Wednesdays at this point and how are you viewing it? Is that what it is?

A: Yeah.

Q: Also, what do you hang your hat on? Like what do you go into this week and say, 'we're positive that we can turn it around this week because we have this offensively, we can still do this'?

A: You've got to play for – you've just got to have heart. That's what we have to have. That's what we've got to hang our hat on. It's heart. It's the name on the back of your jersey. I think (Offensive Assistant) Jody (Wright) said it last week to me and Book (Running Back Devontae Booker) and a couple of guys, like there's going to be some little kid in that stands that has never seen you play before, so you've got to take all those things into account too. Obviously, the season hasn't gone the way we would like by any means, but we've just got to go out there and fight for each other, too. That's another thing – heart, pride, your last name, those little kids that are still watching, and for each other.

Q: Just because it is going back to Chicago, do you ever let yourself think about what would have happened if that play didn't happen? You guys just missed the playoffs last year, maybe if you're healthy you guys go to the playoffs, maybe this year turns out differently. Do you ever think about what might be different for you and the team right now if that play never happened in Chicago?

A: I try not to think about it, but it happened. I really don't try to think about it, I guess probably more so last year but this is a whole different season.

Q: A lot of times players when they get injured and they go back to the place where it happened, they will take a moment, sometimes even go to the spot where it happened. Do you think you will do something like this to maybe put some closure on it?

A: No.

Q: The other question was, there's been some speculation about your future next year and you had mentioned about Coach Judge saying, 'you never know when this is going to be the last time on the field.' Do you ever think that this possibly could be your last time or two in a Giants uniform?

A: No, I don't. I can't control those things. I can't control those. I can't have that thought process. My thought process is come in every single day and try to be a leader I can for the team and try to get better physically, mentally and all the above. Like I said, with these last two games, especially coming up with Chicago, try to finish on a high note and play for each other.

Q: Is it safe to say your dream is to come back next year and several years after to turn this thing around and be on this team when things do turn around?

A: Yeah, I've answered that before.

Q: In these last two games, obviously, you want to win these last two games as a team certainly. What would it do for you if you could have a big game and help the team win one of these last two games? Does that help a player going into the offseason having a couple of big games or one big game and saying, 'that's something I can build on physically, emotionally, personally,' all those things?

A: I'm not focused on that. Whether it's a big game for me or anybody else, the whole goal is to win. The whole focus would be to finish on a high note as a team these last few games.

Q: Can winning a couple of games down the stretch help a team going into next year, mentally, physically, all that stuff?

A: Definitely. Finishing the season off strong can build confidence going into the offseason.
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