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Transcript: Cornerback Adoree' Jackson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/30/2021 4:13 pm
Cornerback Adoree' Jackson

Q: How are you feeling and how excited were you to get back and see the protocols change a little bit?

A: I'm feeling great. Really don't know too much about the protocol changes, but I'm just happy to be back, you know, in the building, seeing everybody, being able to talk, work out and do different things with the team and try to finish out strong. Just excited to be back and happy.

Q: How much of an issue is your leg injury still after COVID?

A: I'm feeling great. I was taking everything day by day, step by step, you know the COVID thing was a tragic setback. At the end of the day, another opportunity to get right and get healed. It's probably a blessing in disguise from the Lord, so yeah, just excited to be back and get ready to work.

Q: One guy who jumped in for you the last few games has been (Cornerback) Jarren Williams. What have you seen from him?

A: Baller. One of the things that we always talk about, whoever goes in you don't want to see the change of play go down. You've seen when (Cornerback Aaron Robinson) A-Rob went in and did his thing, Jarren, so we hold each other accountable out there, not just on the practice field, but in the meeting rooms, making sure we're all tapped in. So, it wasn't like we were shocked and surprised. It was one of those things where he handled business and we knew that he would, so I'm excited for him. I told him yesterday or two days ago when I saw him, 'I'm really proud of you. The way you handled yourself, composed, being hurt earlier in the year, coming back and sticking through it and grinding, it's all paying off.' So, I'm excited and proud of him.

Q: Any doubt in your mind that you're able to play physically this week? Whether it's the leg/knee injury or coming back from COVID?

A: You go out there and compete. It's one of those things where if you say you can play, you've got to play this way. It doesn't matter. You don't go out there thinking bad, you go out there positive, confident and go out there. If you think about other things, other factors, that's when bad things, injuries or mistakes happen. So, you just go out there and play fast, play free and with the conscious of just trying to do your job.

Q: I was talking about whether you're actually capable of doing it. Whether they put you out there, I don't know. Some guys when they come back from COVID, it takes them a while to ramp up. You feel good out there in practice already where you feel like back to your old self?

A: Yeah, I feel good being out there in practice.
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