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Transcript: Linebacker Azeez Ojulari

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/31/2021 3:41 pm
Linebacker Azeez Ojulari

Q: Just had a quick question, regarding your rookie season. (Head Coach) Joe Judge talked today about how it's tough on the body, first time going through a training camp, playing a 17-game season. You're almost at the end of the year, you've stayed healthy throughout the entire season. What were some of the biggest challenges playing in your first NFL season? How were you able to stay healthy throughout the year?

A: Man, I just thank God. I'm just blessed to be healthy right now and just going out there and competing every week, sticking to the script, sticking to my schedule. Everyone has their own schedule – sticking to it and doing it every single day, every single week just to make sure my body's good because it's a long season and you've got to prepare and stay to the script, and I've been doing that.

Q: You have eight sacks so far, obviously there's a big difference between, eight, nine, 9.5 and then getting to 10. What would it mean to you to get to double digits?

A: I'm just working every week, every single game. Sack or not, just trying to get to the quarterback and impact the game as much as I can. If it happens, it happens. I'm just focusing on winning, so that's the main thing, trying to win and get the dub at the end of the day.

Q: I have two unrelated questions, the first is about your head coach. I know you've been used to winning in college and obviously this is not the season you guys were looking for. As you guys have struggled a bit, how do you feel like Joe has handled the locker room and how do you feel like you guys have responded to him?

A: I think we're good. We're good. Everyone's staying together as brothers. We've been together the whole year and the whole season, so we're comfortable. We've just got to keep working. Just go back to the locker room, go back to the field and you just go back to work, look at what you've got to fix, stay together as a team because if you're family, you're going to stay together. I feel like that's what we are here, so staying together.

Q: What are the things that he's done to try to manifest that to try to keep guys together when a lot of times teams can fracture?

A: We're here in the building every day working together. We're all here at squad, team meetings, on the field, off the field just meeting with your boys. Everyone's together. We love each other around here. We love hanging around each other and so we stay together as a team.

Q: This is a question regarding (Defensive Lineman) Leonard Williams. He's obviously been going through a lot of stuff physically, trying to stay on the field and he continues to do it, particularly here in a season when you're not going to the playoffs. What have you learned from him? How much have you admired the way he's kind of persevered through this stuff and what do you take for yourself out of that?

A: Yeah, his toughness, how he plays the game no matter what. Even if he's injured, he's still going to be out there. He's a tough guy, smart, physical dude, so he's going to push it to the limit. If he's out there, why not give it your all for him? He's giving it all for the team, so why not give it all for your brother out there on the field? Why not go hard? You see him going out there, that just motivates people and encourages us to go even harder. He's not 100 percent and he's out there.
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