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Transcript: Tight End Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/7/2022 6:06 pm

Tight End Evan Engram

Q: Obviously, this could be your last game as a Giant. Is that something you've thought about recently and do you want to be back here, or do you maybe feel a change of scenery might be beneficial?

A: Honestly, I'm still where my feet are. We're preparing to try to go win this last game. Obviously, free agency and stuff, all that stuff is out of my hands and out of my control. I'm definitely going to savor the moment and try to go out and have fun with my team and bring a win for our last one.

Q: I don't know how much you pay attention to other sports, but this summer a couple of Mets gave the thumbs down sign to fans. Last night, Julius Randle of the Knicks gave the thumbs down sign to fans. As hard a time as fans have given you, you've never given in. You've never reacted. You've never fought back. You've never done anything to antagonize. Why?

A: I just don't feel it's my place. My job is to go out and perform and play well and play good for my team and to do whatever I can to win, and the fans' job is to support and be there, tell the truth and be honest – which this fan base is very much that. I never took it personal. It's just who I am. I just think I answer adversity or people doubting me and people have disrespected me my whole life and my whole career. I think this place is a place where you play well, they're going to support you and they're going to ride for you and they're going to fight for you. You play bad and you're not living up to expectations, they're going to let you know. They're going to hold you accountable. I learned that very fast coming into this league and coming to this team. I love our fan base no matter what. That's just how I am. That's how I operate. I just go out there and just be me in my own little world.

Q: I've got to change gears for you there. I'm wondering, this goes for this year but really the last three, four years. Do you leave the season with a what if of like how very few times you, Shep (Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard), (Wide Receiver) Kenny (Golladay), (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) – the top tight end, running back and top three receivers were on the field together this year, last year. Do you ever wonder like, 'wow, what if? We'd be a heck of an on-paper fantasy football offense'?

A: I never really live in that what-if hypothetical world. Obviously, it's been unfortunate with some of the injuries and some of the hands we've been dealt, but that's just the nature of this game. Like I said, it's kind of what we've been dealt with and it's unfortunate, but not a lot of what-ifs, not a lot of hypotheticals. Obviously, we wish we all could've been healthy for every single game, but that's just not reality and not what happened. I don't really live in that world or have those thoughts.

Q: Saquon and (Defensive Back) Logan (Ryan) were saying that the Giants take extraordinary precautions, like they won't put you on the field if you're even a little banged up. Do you feel that way as somebody who's been injured a lot? Do you feel like they're extra cautious and do you appreciate that or do you wish they let you play a little more through things?

A: I'm not going to get into all that. I know our training staff is one of the best in the league and through my experiences, they've taken great care of me and helped me through a lot. Each case is different, but I can't really get into detail about that.

Q: A couple things, how difficult has it been for you I guess dealing with not having winning seasons here and never being to the playoffs? The second thing is how would you evaluate your personal play this season?

A: It's been a tough ride. Definitely want to have success here and want to win here. Honestly, my goal was to try to be perfect and obviously that didn't happen. It's tough, but I definitely don't take it for granted my experiences here without learning throughout all the struggles and even the good times we've had here, I've learned a lot. No matter what, I'm thankful. I think my play this year I just wanted to be as consistent as I could be, and be available, and be healthy and make the plays when my name is called. That film will be judged by my coaches and evaluators. I know myself, I've given everything I've had this year and we've got one more ride on Sunday and I'm looking forward to that.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 1/7/2022 6:30 pm : link
Is that second question a joke? Who asked it...Pat Hanlon after his fifth Scotch?
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