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NGT: the Nattys. Williams looks like he blew out his knee

markky : 1/10/2022 9:11 pm
that did not look good
Yeah I thought I saw something pop  
NoGainDayne : 1/10/2022 9:12 pm : link
no bueno
Sucks for him  
Dankbeerman : 1/10/2022 9:18 pm : link
this is why guys skip bowl games. He was going top 12.
gimme him in the 2nd round  
DaddyM89 : 1/10/2022 10:24 pm : link
The coaches shaking hands after the game  
Eman11 : 1/11/2022 6:38 am : link
On the field, there was a mic close and could hear Smart quietly ask Saban at the end of their embrace”how’s the Williams kid”? Saban said I think we’ve got an ACL thing there.

It was real quick and easily missed especially with the two ESPN announcers talking but I replayed it to confirm what I thought I heard and sure enough it was.

Here’s hoping it’s not and Williams can cash in on being a high draft pick.
Another knee  
Costy16 : 1/11/2022 9:52 am : link
Victimized by a garbage field turf surface.

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