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NFT: Telluride CO Recs?

Jerz44 : 1/12/2022 12:53 pm
Hey guys,

Anyone been to Telluride? I'm going for the first time in a few weeks and need some restaurant recs.

Sorry to clutter the first page on a busy NY Giants news day, will delete in a bit.
Its been a few years  
ron mexico : 1/12/2022 1:01 pm : link
But for upscale we had a good meal at La Marmotte

Brown Dog Pizza is a good casual spot

New Sheridan is a main stay
Telluride is awesome  
Justlurking : 1/12/2022 1:10 pm : link
There are a ton of great restaurants.

Blue dog pizza fast casual Detroit style pizza always packed I don’t believe they take reservations.
There - hipster spot, small and awesome very unique
New Sheridan you have to at least have a drink there of the food is good but no knock your socks off
La marmotte - Cool old-school French ski joint with a good apres scene
Cosmopolitan - expensive but always excellent.
227 oak A lot of people rave about this place I thought it was good but also way too quiet. If you want to do a romantic date night it’s the spot, but that said have been there twice and I like the other ones I mention better
There’s was a secret place in the supermarket. High end private dining. Trying to remember the name
Telluride is awesome...  
dannysection 313 : 1/13/2022 2:09 am : link
My son is an alpin race coach there, and I go every year for a few's on the Epic Pass (7 days worth), which is great.

But the restaurants there are not so great; Moon Dog cafe for casual pizza as someone else suggested is fine, stay away from Floradora.

My best suggestion (assuming you are flying into Montrose and renting a condo with a kitchen) is to rent a car, and go to the City Market in Montrose (there are two), load up on groceries, and save money by cooking at the condo.

You can also pick up a few items at Clark's Market in Telluride, which has a good selection (including produce) and is, surprisingly, not too expensive.

Enjoy, best skiing in the US, make sure to hit "See Forever" for a photo or two and a wonderful long run after.
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