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Sure we need to fix the O-line , first ....

Manny in CA : 1/12/2022 5:41 pm

But reality sure proved how much we missed the Tomlinson/Lawrence presence inside.

It would great to figure out a way to get our hands on Georgia's Jordan "Godzilla" Davis this April.
DG_89 : 1/12/2022 5:54 pm : link
wouldn't mind Davis in a trade down. As solid as Johnson was, and I'd like to see him re-signed, NT could use an upgrade. But the rest of the fan base who are banging the table for OL or EDGE would go ballistic
Tomlinson was underrated, by fans if not by the front office,  
81_Great_Dane : 1/12/2022 5:55 pm : link
and probably should have been a higher priority for re-signing. The coaches seemed to love the guy. Good on the field, good in the locker room. Oh well.
Didn’t Lawrence play the 0 or 1 position at Clemson? Move him back  
Ivan15 : 1/12/2022 6:20 pm : link
And he may play better than Tomlinson.
you don't draft run stoppers in round 1  
GiantsFan84 : 1/12/2022 6:22 pm : link
learn from the dexter lawrence mistake
So many needs  
DavidinBMNY : 1/12/2022 6:32 pm : link
I look at it like this. Every QB on the roster got hurt this year. The OL was 4/5 dangerous and as a result the games stunk , everything stunk.

OL needs to gel. Take 2 guys in rd 1 who will start for 5 years.

It's unlikely Gates can play. Peart didn't develop and is going to miss the year. between Brederson and Lemiuex , Lemieux is an iron man , but will he fit this scheme?

I think I'd resign Price, Injury settle Gates and Peart and draft at least 3 OL which what get you up to 7? It's bad...
Alabama's monster OT Evan Neal is a no-brainer @ #5 ....  
Manny in CA : 1/12/2022 6:34 pm : link

A trade-down to the middle of the first round (with our #7) would give us Davis and a second round pick to pick the best offensive lineman left.

Football is a complimentary sport. If you absolutely crush the pocket, your edge effectiveness is multiplied several times. That's what Tampa Bay does with Suh & Vita Vae.

He's a beast  
mittenedman : 1/12/2022 7:45 pm : link
but I'd rather move Dexter Lawrence to NT.

He's been severely miscast as a 34 DE. The new GM/HC won't give a sh#t where he was drafted and just play him where he's supposed to.
DG_89 : 1/13/2022 3:58 am : link
was miscast because he was getting Haloti Gnata comparisons. Going into year 4 I don't see it. And the way he's been pushed around it looks like he'd be a younger version of Shelton.
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