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NFT: Legendary 'Be My Baby' singer Ronnie Spector dead at 78

M.S. : 1/12/2022 7:03 pm

For those of a certain age:

RIP Ronnie Spector.

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Unmistakable and legendary voice.  
MOOPS : 1/12/2022 7:18 pm : link
One of the greats. RIP
She was  
bluesince56 : 1/12/2022 7:20 pm : link
one of a kind. Girl groups in 60’s were special
I know most of them were up there in age  
eli4life : 1/12/2022 7:22 pm : link
But man it seems like every day it’s someone else anymore
oh man Be my Baby the Ronettes  
gtt350 : 1/12/2022 7:22 pm : link
She was great RIP
bwitz : 1/12/2022 7:42 pm : link
Damn. I must’ve listened to Christmas (Baby please come home) at least 100 times this past holiday.
song came out just before the start of my junior year in HS  
Giants61 : 1/12/2022 7:42 pm : link
and I was struck by how gorgeous the Ronettes were
New Year’s Eve show at The Ritz  
hd9009 : 1/12/2022 8:06 pm : link
Saw her on New Years Eve back in the day at The Ritz.
Great show!
Haven’t been back to the city in many years. Most of the places I went to are gone these days.
McSorleys and Cafe Wa might be the only ones left.
It's interesting that in her latter years  
Vanzetti : 1/12/2022 10:34 pm : link
She got hooked up with Joey Ramone and the whole NY punk scene. Recorded a version of Johnny Thunders' You Can't Put Your Arms around a Memory
with Joey - ( New Window )
For those of you thinking, man it seems like we lose someone  
CardinalX : 1/13/2022 3:06 am : link
every other day...

It's only gonna get worse.

Media, the entertainment industry including TV, movies, singers etc. Sports. They've always been around but they've never been such a diverse and pervasive part of our lives until say the mid 50's and 60's onward.

And every year since then there have been more and more "stars". Well, most of them were in their 20's & 30's back then... and now their getting into 70's and 80's. So you take those that are reaching avg life expectancy and add in the ones that die "too young" and well... we're losing it seems like one every other day or so.

I noticed it when we started losing baseball Hall of Famers like Hank Aaron, Joe Morgan, Tom Seaver etc and I thought about all the contemporaries of his that are really getting up their in age.

In any year we're gonna lose people like Pete Rose, Rod Carew, Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan, Johnny Bench etc. And that's just baseball.

I saw Phil Collins on stage a while ago and my heart just crushed as I think about how amazing he was the last time I saw him before.

Anyways, sorry to be a downer. But anyone who's on here and been a Giants fan near as long as I have and even longer... the number of "great ones" and even nearly great ones we're gonna start losing is gonna be DE PRESS ING as hell lol.
Thanks to the Money Man  
pjcas18 : 1/13/2022 7:52 am : link
(Eddie Money) the next generation also got to learn about Ronnie Spector.

“Just like  
PepperJ52 : 1/13/2022 9:28 am : link
Ronnie said…”
“Just like  
PepperJ52 : 1/13/2022 9:28 am : link
Ronnie said…”
I got curious and looked at her wikipedia  
Bear vs Shark : 1/13/2022 9:29 am : link
and holy shit, Phil Spector was truly a massive piece of shit who should rot in hell. Feel bad for all he put Ronnie Spector through.
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