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NFL hiring practices are uncreative compared to other sports

Producer : 1/13/2022 10:20 am
"In general, Forde says that teams should look outside the 32 NFL facilities more when hiring for front office roles. He thinks that hiring the “next person up” in the ecosystem, as teams do now, robs teams of “intellectual curiosity, and unless the owners are driving that curiosity, or the senior people above the GM, then it’s just going to be business as usual. And then we’re on the next cycle of Stairway to Heaven, or trying to hope that this next hire is different than the last one and that’s where the risk is, and but also where the opportunity is.” He mentions Warriors GM Bob Myers, who came to an NBA front office from a nontraditional professional background (he was an agent), as a guiding light for an outside-the-box hire. Forde also says that teams should consider hiring people who run big sports data businesses or work for a top tech company. Hiring people with outside perspectives and who have different experiences would probably lead to a change in the way a team is set up—if you brought a non-football lifer into the fold, they’d probably have different ideas than the current coach-GM setup that has existed for decades."
The NFL Keeps Failing Hiring 101 - ( New Window )
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